Nihon Mura at Punggol Plaza

There are many coffeeshops in Punggol but no malls like people in other neighborhoods are used to. We have this tiny “mall” called Punggol Plaza. At the basement, there is a Nihon Mura outlet, where the wet market is. Despite its odd location, it manages to draw in the crowds.

The prices are reasonable, the food is decent, and the service standards are good when the place isn’t packed full of diners.

But what I found most fascinating was the sushi rice machine:


Each time she reaches out her left hand to grab the rice roll nearest to her, the ‘plate’ swivels and the Suzumo machine automatically dispenses yet another identical-looking rice roll. This definitely helps up productivity levels in this outlet. Even I would feel confident making sushi here. LOL.

The chawanmushi served here does not look the most awesome but it tastes ok:


One main I would always order is the Salmon Ikura Don ($9.90) though the thickness of the salmon slices during your visit is dependent on which staff member is on duty that day, I think.


And our common favorite? The Ribeye Beef Shabu Shabu ($10.90)


Rice costs an additional $1.50 but they can top up the broth for free.

This meal cost us S$27.99 inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST.

If you are ever in the area and don’t know what you should eat, you can pop by Nihon Mura at 168 Punggol Field #B1-05.

Tel: 63878192