LollyTalk: How Many Rock Candy Brands Are There In Singapore?!


I’ve tasted rock candy from Sticky, Sweet Enchantment and perhaps 1 or 2 other establishments. But I recently had the opportunity to step into the LollyTalk store at Plaza Singapura (#B2-20) and tasted their rock candy offerings.

In this picture above, I have 3 packets of candy for a giveaway – I’ve picked the Limited Edition Minions Mix, the Rainbow Mix, and the Monster Mix. They cost S$4.30 per 70g packet.

What sets LollyTalk apart from the other brands has to be their ‘Acquired Taste’ rock candy.

I tasted Chili Lime and Spicy Mango. The former was too spicy for my liking, but I liked the Spicy Mango so I got a pack to take home. Plum Guava is their bestseller, and there’s also Menthol Grape, Menthol Honey Lemon and Honey Lemon.

This selection costs S$4.90 for 50g.


I’m not too optimistic about the viability of the rock candy business in Singapore. I think it’s a tad too competitive, with so many brands. So for the mass market, one has to stand out with unique flavors that just keep customers coming back for more. (Best if they are hard to replicate)

Then, to make the business sustainable, one has to get a strong foothold in the corporate gifts and wedding favors business.

We are turning out to be a nation of sugar lovers, aren’t we? Laoban beancurd craze, doughnut craze, cupcake craze, rock candy craze, honeycomb with frozen yoghurt craze. What’s next?

I don’t quite understand what the fuss about fro-yo is all about, but I do appreciate the taste and creativity that’s gone into making the rock candies. Want to win a pack? Pop by my facebook page on Saturday. This one’s gonna be an international giveaway. 🙂


The 3 winners of my giveaway are:

1) Izy Ocampo

2) Yong Bee Yen

3) Nur Leana Lee

To claim your prize, drop me an email at by 13th Dec 2014, 23:59hrs. State your mailing address (double-check to ensure it is correct) and include your mobile number, which I will write on the package before mailing to you. 🙂

Thank you all for participating!


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