Yet Another Maku Store Backpack Shoppers Will Love

Maku Store Singapore

I was in Jakarta over the weekend on a sponsored trip, and I took my new Maku Store backpack with me. It has pretty floral side panels, is lightweight (great for budget travel!) and once again, has an ‘expandable’ feature. 😀

Maku Store Singapore

When fully extended, the straps on the front of the backpack allow extra height for last minute shopping! I bought lots of snacks in Jakarta and this backpack gave me the extra room for my chips so none were squashed!

This is a great backpack for school and even for the office (there’s a laptop compartment within). Also, the three compartments in front are great for everything from umbrellas (yes, I brought one with me to Jakarta), tissue, your phone, etc.

The usual price for this backpack is S$69.90 but if you show that you are a fan of my facebook page (and Maku Store Singapore’s), then you only have to pay slightly over S$59 (after 15% discount). *Check in-store for T&Cs*