Buy Direct From Taobao Or Via An Agent Like SGshop?

I’ve blogged about SGshop previously as I’ve been shopping on Taobao with their help. This time, I decided to find out for myself if it’d be better to just shop directly on Taobao instead. So… here’s a tale of two Olafs – one bought directly from Taobao and another via SGshop. Both are from the same seller in China, listed on

Taobao - Olaf

Olaf Direct from Taobao:

Product: 34.80rmb (about S$7)

Shipping: 43rmb (about S$9)

The shipping fee is even higher than the price of the plush!

Shipping fees are 43rmb for first kg, and 12rmb for each subsequent 500g:

Taobao parcel forwarding

You don’t get to choose the mode of shipping, unlike via SGshop. But you get to pick the parcel forwarder, and should get your item within 3 to 6 days.

Olaf Purchased Via SGshop:

Shipping cost: S$1.80 (before 20% discount) *Economy Sea Shipping*

PLUS 8% service charge and clearance fee of S$0.98

If like me, you have no need to get your parcel within a week, and you are happy to wait a little longer if it means lower shipping fees, SGshop gives you reason to rejoice:

SGshop economy sea shipment

They have a new shipping flat rate charge, and you pay per 500g. Watch out too for various promotions, e.g. 20% off Economy Sea shipping, 20% off Express Air shipping.

Here’s another one of my Taobao hauls via

Taobao SGshop

Why Do I Shop With SGshop?

1) Absolute Ease of Shopping – unlike Taobao where everything is in Chinese, I place my order with SGshop and can communicate with them in English. I took a couple of days to figure out how to purchase directly from Taobao, set up an account, do the parcel forwarding, etc. And eventually, I had no idea when the parcel would end up on my doorstep.

2) Peace Of Mind – SGshop places each order for me, and inspects the items when they reach SGshop’s warehouses in China. If the item is defective or is not the one I had wanted, they will do the exchange and returns for me. So what reaches me in Singapore is exactly what I had wanted.

3) Parcel Reaches Me Intact – I bought a Totoro figurine in this order. It came in a box with styrofoam from the seller, and SGshop put that box into another box with paper and bubble wrap to protect it. If I’m getting a plush toy, then yes, buying directly from Taobao is fine. But for anything else that is fragile, I want SGshop to package it well for me before sending it to Singapore.

4) Almost Doorstep Delivery – You don’t even have to pay for delivery if you don’t mind picking up your parcel (weighing 8kg or less) at an MRT station near you:

SGshop mrt collection


I was recently introduced to ShopBack, a website that gives you cashback when you shop in over 500 stores including Zalora, Lazada, RedMart, Groupon and Taobao. You get up to 10% cashback on your Taobao order and during the upcoming Chinese New Year promotion you get an upsized cashback of 16%! Grab TaoBao promotions now by signing up with ShopBack.


4 thoughts on “Buy Direct From Taobao Or Via An Agent Like SGshop?

  1. hi Grace , nice work ,sharing with us your experience.

    have you tried 65daigou before too ? well i did a compare and tried with 65daigou, sgshop and directlg buy.

    i notice 65daigou is even better than sgshop in term :-

    1. their exchange rate is better than sgshop.

    2. there is also mobile apps (iphone and andriod) for 65daigou where you can monitor ,checking and deployment of your items.

    3. more variety of shopping option . as they provide not just china but taiwan and usa shopping too.

    do give a try too 🙂

    have a good day.

    regards, jason

  2. just sharing my experience. i’m a shopper but i’m helping my agent to promote as the service is good and the price is cheaper than almost all other agents. because my agent does not have so many manpower / platform, so the fee is very very much cheaper than 65daigou / SGshop.

    air freight : RMB19 per KG + handling fee RMB20 – normal goods / RMB50 – sensitive goods per shipping
    * Singapore 4-5 days to your hand / Malaysia 6-7 days to your hand
    * sent to door step without additional chargers

    sea freight : RMB550 per cubic meter to Malaysia / RMB450 per cubic meter to Singapore
    * GST applied for sea freight, 6% for Malaysia , 7.1% for Singapore (i always declare lower value for the items i bought to reduce the tax)
    *20-25 days to your hand
    * i used sea freight to buy big/ bulky items (furniture)

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