What To Do If You Receive A Bill / Letter From Singapore Company Register / Data Register Pte Ltd

Most recent update: ACRA says refunds and waivers from Data Register are now available. Please check here: https://www.acra.gov.sg/components/templates/newsDetails.aspx?id=79a39de6-748b-4612-929c-6ede7dcf34e7

*Important Note* I have been receiving some very annoying comments here – people seem to want me to provide some personal GUARANTEE that they will be safe from harm or legal proceedings once they make a police report against Data Register. Hellooo?? I am NOT the police! Go get your guarantee at the police station! And if you are SO AFRAID Data Register will come after you, just PAY the company, and help all of us here to pay them as well ok? Thank you! I am NOT PAYING! The comments section is now closed. Do not contact me via any means.

Latest Update (4th Feb 2015) – 1,000 additional charges brought against Data Register by ACRA!


I have been getting email and facebook enquiries from people who have received letters from Singapore Company Register / Data Register recently. Apparently, the company is now threatening to impose an 8% interest for overdue payment. This has caused unnecessary stress to business owners, in what is supposed to be a festive period!

Here’s a Facebook message from one stressed business owner (I kid you not)

Data Register

Data Register

If you have received a bill or letter from Singapore Company Register / Data Register, here’s what you should do:

1) Calm Down

Understand that they can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to you or your business. They just want to collect payment from you for listing your company on their website.

They can’t even collect 1 cent from you unless you give it to them.

2) (Optional) Have A Game Of Paper Toss

Step 1: crush the paper

Step 2: aim the paper ball at the bin closest to you

Step 3: throw

3) Make A Police Report

That’s what I have done. That’s also what hundreds, if not thousands, of business owners have done too.

Then tell the pinoy staff or whoever calls or emails you that you have already made a police report and tell them to stop harassing you.

If your number is listed on the Do-Not-Call Registry, and they STILL contact you, then make a report too. 😉

*If you are too busy to head to a police station in person, you can lodge a report online too: http://www.police.gov.sg/epc/index.html

4) Send The Letters And Emails You Have Received To SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

I am not affiliated with this site. This is what they have said they will do:

data register

data register

5) Mark Those Emails As Spam

Get another letter chasing you for payment? Mark it as spam, so all future emails from them will be re-directed to your spam folder.


And then, it’s business as usual for you. Instead of giving away 400-plus dollars, why not buy yourself and your loved ones a nice Christmas dinner?

You are welcome.

NOTE: Please read the comments below. And DO NOT email or contact me via my blog. I am NOT PAID to respond to the same queries over and over again. All emails regarding this issue will be IGNORED as I cannot handle the volume of enquiries. Thank you.


41 thoughts on “What To Do If You Receive A Bill / Letter From Singapore Company Register / Data Register Pte Ltd

  1. Thank you very much Grace. This is an awesome post.
    My poor dad is still getting repeated mails from Singapore Register / Data Register to pay up. They even have the Singapore lion government logo on their mails so my dad thought they must be a government entity.

  2. Hi Grace, great article here and thanks for sharing. In the case where I have made payment, how should I go about to get my money back. Aside from making a police report, should I go to CASE, will it be of any help?

    • Hi Elliot,

      Yes, make a report (preferably in person) and head to CASE, which *might* be able to help you get your money back since so many complaints have been made about this company already.

  3. Dear Grace,
    I just received an invoice (26-Jan-2015) from Company Register for a bill of $490.00 and after reading your blog and followed your advise, I am finally relieve from stress.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Grace,

    I am deaf disability person. I have received an invoice from Company Register for a bill of $490.00 via email yesterday (26 / 01 / 2015) but my UEN number has been terminated on last year June 2014. I found your blog and followed your advises after googled “Company Register is genuine or fake” today. I am so relieved.

    Thank you

  5. Also got an invoice via email yesterday (26 Jan). And i only registered around june-2014 when they send that mailer. 490 for “half a year of subscription”. Gonna lodge police report and seek CASE/CAD as well.
    I logged in last night to “Company Register” to terminate the account. But they only allow me to terminate in 31-dec-2015. So i believe this nonsense will continue for a while longer.
    Thanks Grace for the advice.

  6. I just received an invoice from them too 26 Jan, I’m also making a police report. I highly suggest anyone who receive the letter to make a police repot too.

  7. I am also one of those who received a ‘PRO-FORMA INVOICE” dated 26th Jan. As the previous comment, I also registered somewhere in June. Thank you for your blog, I almost wanted to write a cheque and terminate the account, which I barely access for the last half of the year and suddenly BAMM!!!!! Will lodge a police report after this. The (robotic sound) lady at the customer service that since this is a business to business thing, not consumer to business matter. Can still report to CASE?

  8. I’m so glad I read your post instead of giving the money to them. Thank you so much Grace. I’ve made a police report and will be writing to them to wait for police investigation on the matter. Hope they won’t harass me again.

  9. Hi Grace,

    Made a police report.
    Your report has been forwarded to Ang Mo Kio Police Divisional HQ. Your report number is F/20150202/7011.

    A copy of your report will be emailed to your given email address xxxxxx@yahoo.com.sg.

    Within the next 48 hours, the Police will also inform you of the name and contact number of the investigation officer in charge of your report.

    If you do not receive your report or email, please contact the SPF Feedback Unit at 1800-358-0000 or you may submit an online feedback form to SPF.

  10. Just lodged a police report. I am so so so glad to come across this website. I have also received an invoice via hard-copy letter on 26-Jan-2015 from Company Register to pay the 490 fee. Just clicked on the option to terminate the account but the website claimed the termination will only be valid at 31-12-15. Was fed up and called up the operator of Company Register, he still have the cheek to say there will be another 490 fee for 2015 as well since the termination is only valid at end of the year. Reason for that is cos membership fee is collected per annually so even if u select termination now it will only be valid till year end. Like wtf?????

    Furthermore, the operator said if fail to pay up, they will send us lawyer letter… Shall heed your advice to ignore first. Hopefully the Police can take action and deal with this as soon as possible.

  11. I received the letter too…. Confirm ignore the bloody letter and there will be not much problem? Sorry have to ask, i am kiasu and only started business recently…

  12. I just received a reminder letter dated 12/03/2015 for an overdue payment. Letter claimed that the so-called subscription started back in Nov 2014 and fees yet to be paid until today (which is 4 months later)? No payment made yet allowing subscription to continue, is this for real? Data Register seems desperate to “make money” by resorting to such measures. I’m glad I found this blog post, gonna make a police report later. Thank you!!

    • Yup, the desperation is real. Go go… make the police report. The police have already received many similar reports. Just file one for peace of mind.

  13. Hi Grace, thank you for the post. I was about to help my dad make the payment! So thank you so so much. Just wondering, is there any way I can remove my dad’s company details on their website? I cant seem to log in because of the “registration no.” that they didnt even provide in the emails they sent previously, thus I cant remove. What should I do?

    • Hi Angie,

      I would advise you NOT to visit their website again. Since it was because of the first visit that they regarded as your willingness to sign up and be a member. Just make a police report, tell anyone who calls that a report has been made and to not harass you again, and mark all emails as spam.

  14. Hi Grace,

    got letters and emails from them too. they have been asking me to pay. i am afraid that they would send me lawyers letter. i cant afford to face them in court? any advice of what i should do? even in the email correspondence to them, they are repeating the same thing that i am by law required to pay or else gonna be charged 8% per annum. because of these scammers i have lost my peacefullness. how is it fair that i work hard for my money and they cheat me?

    • Hi mohd,

      Er… nope. I don’t recall any law saying you have to pay them. Just (1) make a police report, (2) tell them that you have made a police report and will not be paying a company that ACRA has brought over 1000 charges against. Full stop. No need to bother with them anymore.

    • Hi grace,

      thanks for the reply. Did they send you a lawyers letter or any email or post mails, once you told them that police report has been made. cause i am afraid they will bring me to court over it.

      And as far as you know did they summon people to court for this issue?

      Note; reading your post given me relief. thanks for the advice.

    • Hi mohd,

      I don’t wish to explain further. There is NO guarantee that they will not sue you. I am just saying that ACRA has already brought more than 1000 charges against them.

      If you are so afraid, please go ahead and pay them, and help all of us here pay them as well ok.

  15. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and advice.

    I was so mad with this scam company’s harrassment that I wanted to engage a lawyer for my bro to write a legal letter to Data Register about their non-existence claim for subscription fee when my bro didn’t sign up at all. Since I have helped my brother to write the necessary emails to Data Register to refute their claim and made a police report, my lawyer friend advised me to let CAD handles the matter and wait for the outcome and don’t make payment to Data Register.

    Before I read your blog, I have also advised my bro to ignore this scam company – Data Register, don’t read their emails, don’t click any hyperlinks to visit their website (they have all gimmicks to make you “deemed subscribed” again) and don’t take their calls.

    I’m glad that with your blog, we can join force together to fight this ruse company, should the need arises in future.

  16. Hi Grace,

    I rec’d a call from them this morning to ask me to pay up. They ask me for a dateline of when am I going to make the payment. If not, they are going to send my company name to a credit management company for processing of payment. Should i ignore them?

    • Hi Wendy,

      Well, you have 2 options:

      1) Pay them, OR
      2) Make a police report – for harassment, and also for (obvious) threatening and intimidating messages

      You decide. I guess you (already) know which option I’ll pick if I’m in your shoes.

  17. Hi Grace,

    I have made the police report after received their call on Tuesday (19 May 15).
    But they keep calling me! This is their number +65 31582647

    What should I do?

    • Well, I hope you have already told them you made a police report. Then block their number. And get your number on the Do-Not-Call Registry, and if they call again, lodge a complaint. Because repeated calls = harassment.

      You are welcome.

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