Why I Conduct Blogging Workshops

blogging for a living

I’ve never really addressed this issue of why I conduct blogging workshops and coaching sessions. Perhaps not even in my book ‘Blogging For A Living’.

In the image above, you see a testimonial written by my coachee for today, Angel Lim, a financial adviser from the firm Zurich.

She is many years my senior (but doesn’t look a day older than me) and is an MDRT qualifier in her field of work.

I am constantly impressed by the people who pay good money to attend my workshops. My workshops are not ‘bloody expensive’ but neither are they ‘dirt cheap’ because I really value my time.

Back to the workshops. I conduct them because they were what I DESIRED when I first started out blogging. And ESPECIALLY when I decided to blog for a living.

If people like Xiaxue held seminars at that time to teach me how to make my blog a success, I would have paid upwards of S$2,000, at the very least.

I didn’t get that luxury of learning from amazing bloggers, so I had to pick up everything the hard way, through trial and error. And oh, I did make some horrendous mistakes. Ha!

So my workshops really help people get started. You really cannot come up with excuses during the workshop. Angel had to put together her blog and ‘About’ page today while I watched like a hawk. Her excuse of having no photos in her new laptop did not sit well with me. I told her to just log into facebook and retrieve a photo. So she did. Her old blog had not a single photo of her – actually, not a single photo of anything.

The session was supposed to be for 2 hours, but it stretched till about 15 minutes more. And even then, she felt she wanted more. 😀 But sorry, I’m actually intraverted – though I’m good with people, I actually prefer to be alone. I love to coach and train groups, but it really drains my energy. So 2 hours is just nice for me.

What Angel got out of this session was a blog she could start working on immediately. We got her ‘About’ page together, her niche figured out, she learnt how to monetize the blog with ads and the part about generating traffic nailed. Plus, I also gave her a roadmap of what sort of blogposts she should be uploading next. She’ll likely not run out of ideas for the next 3 months at least.

Also, I linked her up with my publisher, illustrator friend, and photographer pal, and she is well on her way to publishing her first book. (Though she has the manuscript sitting on the backburner for God-knows-how-long already)

I see my job as helping people get onto the right track and setting those wheels in motion. Yes, they will have to keep those wheels turning and stay focused and motivated. But in any case, I am just an email or Whatsapp message away.

If you want to know the real reason for why I conduct workshops… yes, the money is good, but I am really doing for people now what I wish I had in the past.

And yes, if you are the sort who loves to procrastinate, you should definitely come and meet me. I’ll kick your ass, and you’ll still thank me for it after. 😀