Candlemize: Customized Candles That Will Blow You Away :)

I have never had anything printed using 3D printing before, so when Candlemize asked if I’d like to customize some candles with this technology, I had to say yes. I’ve only ever had boring candles on my birthday cakes so the thought of being able to decide what my cake candles should look like was nothing short of amazing. I knew it had to involve Hello Kitty (Candlemize made me 3 of those), Olaf (‘cos I’m crazy about Olaf these days), LINE Friends (‘cos my fans on facebook love LINE) and the words “Merry Christmas”.

And here’s what I got:

Customized Candles

The candles are too pretty. There’s actually a Christmas tree candle hiding behind the words “Merry Christmas” – see if you can spot it! πŸ˜€ The cake is a Lychee Martini one from Pine Garden (S$29 for 500g).

As for the candles, prices start from S$4, depending on choice of design and number of letters in each word. So, contact Candlemize regarding all customization enquiries (contact details below).

Say Goodbye To Boring Candles Forever:

customized candles

If you’re curious about the other designs customers have requested for, check out Candlemize’s facebook page here.

I felt the Kitty candles would look really good on cupcakes so I went and bought some:

Hello Kitty Candles on cupcakes

Hello Kitty candle

Guys, this would be a really sweet addition to any birthday or Valentine’s Day celebration for your girlfriend or wife. Just one Kitty candle can transform a S$3 cupcake into one that is a dream for fans of Hello Kitty. And if you’re springing a surprise proposal on her, maybe “Marry Me?” candles too? The possibilities are endless!

Contact Candlemize now: OR



{ Giveaway: 25 Dec 2014 – 30 Dec 2014 }

Candlemize has kindly agreed to sponsor customized candles for 3 of my readers and fans! So if you’d like to win some candles (you choose the design), just head over to my facebook page here.

Merry Christmas, Everybody! πŸ˜€