Gushcloud Group Whatsapp Chat Log (Part 2)

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The Gushcloud influencers have used many unflattering choice words to describe Xiaxue, but I think there’s no one else in Singapore who deserves the title of “Blogging Queen” more than she does. How is it possible that she can put such a long and detailed blogpost together, destroy a company’s reputation so publicly and devastatingly, and not get served a letter from their lawyers? And how did the Gushcloud Group Whatsapp Chat Log become available for public consumption so quickly, just as the Gushcloud team was celebrating their “victory”?

It guess it all boils down to one word: finesse.

There is much to learn from her and from the insights revealed through the Chat Log.

{ How To Blog So You Can’t Get Sued }

Perhaps it’s due to us learning from our leaders. Perhaps it’s because lawyers’ fees have become cheap.

But companies are usually quick to threaten to sue. I’ve been served a lawyer’s letter from Data Register, apparently for using the term “fake entity” that originated from a Straits Times journalist. Even my former employer threatened to sue me for reporting to the CPF Board that they had been deducting the employer CPF contributions from my salary.

How did Xiaxue get away unscathed, after that audacious Gushcloud Exposé?

“26 Dec 2:49 PM: Seth Lui: Its not libel if she has ‘evidence’ to support her, even if the evidence has its limitations

26 Dec 2:49 PM: Seth Lui: If gc sues honestly very low chance to win

26 Dec 2:49 PM: Yan KayKay: The prob, as explained to me by Althea, is that there is no hard case. She has lawyers read and reread that post before she published. She insinuated but didn’t say GC DID do this and that. So even if we bring her to court, there’s no hard case. Meaning we spend this money for nothing.

26 Dec 2:50 PM: Seth Lui: Yea waste money only la in the end

26 Dec 2:50 PM: Chermaine Lim: So the max only show she is a dAMn lousy detective la?

26 Dec 2:50 PM: Seth Lui: Sorta

26 Dec 2:50 PM: Yan KayKay: Xx: see this evidence shows that xxx
But we need her to say: Gc did xxx
Then we have a case.

26 Dec 2:50 PM: Chermaine Lim: So dAMaging

26 Dec 2:50 PM: Seth Lui: Yea unless she said ‘gc is a cheat’ then got case

26 Dec 2:51 PM: Chermaine Lim: Yet can’t incriminate her

26 Dec 2:51 PM: Seth Lui: Everything is like letting audience draw conclusion

26 Dec 2:51 PM: Jamie Tan: Yeah I didn’t think she’d have published it before she had her lawyer friend read through it. Eekan or something right, her nAMe?

26 Dec 2:52 PM: Seth Lui: Even the althea bait, she didnt bite

26 Dec 2:52 PM: Seth Lui: Someone smart working with her”

I’m not sure if Xiaxue has “someone smart working with her”, but I do think she is terribly smart, Seth. And please lah, that “althea bait” probably gave her a few good laughs, that’s all. Stop amusing her already.

{ To Engage Or Not To Engage A Lawyer? }

I don’t know if the lawyers are worth what they were paid. That “Merry Christmas” post was just mind-boggling. Perhaps Gushcloud could have consulted a social media / PR expert too and put together a more convincing piece for netizens.

“24 Dec 5:25 PM – Althea Lim (Gushcloud): I just wanted to say our lawyers were expensive haha but Merry Christmas everyone. I hope we sleep well in peace tonight.”

{ Handling The Media: Expert Tips From Yan Kay Kay }

“23 Dec 3:42 PM – ‪Yan Kaykay‬: Tnp contacted me alr. If they call any of you, say you can’t talk and to email you. Forward your answers to althea before you reply them.

23 Dec 3:42 PM – ‪Yan Kaykay‬: Do NOT talk over the phone

23 Dec 3:43 PM – ‪Yan Kaykay‬: They will misquote and use against you. Get everything in black and white”

I’ve blogged about this before. When speaking to the media, and in particular to certain publications, you need to exercise extreme caution. And yes, ensure the conversation leaves a paper trail, whether it’s an email or SMS thread. In the event that you are misquoted, you can submit evidence to prove your innocence and maybe, demand for an apology from the journalist and publication.

{ Who’s The Snake? }

Eric must be a genius. How did he know there would be a “snake”? Ok well, actually he didn’t. So, who’s the snitch? 😀 Will the person be “lynched” when discovered?

“25 Dec 11:25 PM: Yan KayKay: We just chat here ah. Don’t post publicly.

25 Dec 11:26 PM: Kife Wee: YA of cos! Later kena bash like hell LOLOL

25 Dec 11:26 PM: Yan KayKay: Feels good to troll even if it’s just AMong ourselves

25 Dec 11:27 PM: Eric Lim: Hopefully there’s no snake inside here ☺️”


{ Most Touching Statement Of The Year }

“23 Dec 7:57 PM – Althea Lim (Gushcloud): Hey guys I promise everyone that I will protect you guys. And my company.

23 Dec 7:58 PM – Althea Lim (Gushcloud): We will not be bullied anymore ok?

23 Dec 7:58 PM – Althea Lim (Gushcloud): #nofear

23 Dec 7:58 PM – ‪Maggie Quek‬: ❤trust you”