Yet Another Gushcloud Exposé: Gushcloud Group Whatsapp Chat Log

I definitely think it is way too soon for another Gushcloud Exposé but this drama is unfolding faster and better than anything MediaCorp has ever put together. This new blog is as lengthy as Xiaxue’s original post, includes (unflattering) pictures of the participants, and reminds me of Xiaxue’s style of blogging (helping readers quickly figure out who’s who, then delivering the punches mercilessly). But of course, we might never know who’d put together this blog. 😉

For some reason, Vincent (CEO and Co-Founder of Gushcloud) is missing from this really long group chat. He’d written in his official response blogpost that “I make mistakes like losing records, glancing over reports, not communicating often enough and perhaps doing the SMU jump awkwardly.” I don’t really care about his jumps but he doesn’t seem to be communicating very much with the rest of his team – and the influencers – involved in this saga. Did someone exclude him from the group chat? In any case…

{ “Why Are Bloggers So Bitchy?!” }

I found it shocking how many people were outraged that bloggers like Yan Kay Kay and Maggie Quek had less-than-pleasant things to say in the group chat.

Do blog readers think their favorite bloggers fart rainbows? Or spend half their time blogging, and the other half meditating?

No, seriously, what you see online is not what you’ll actually get when you have the opportunity to befriend any blogger. We choose the best bits of our lives to post online, so don’t ever assume that our lives are more perfect than yours or that bloggers don’t ever say things that they will eventually regret.

And well, it’s not just bloggers who have not-so-pleasant things to say either:

“25 Dec 6:20 PM: Yan Kaykay:


25 Dec 6:23 PM: Yan Kaykay: Cos she’s another ass kisser. She hated xx. She was the one who told me xx is 1.47m tall. Cos she measured against herself then went to measure that height.

25 Dec 6:24 PM: Jeneen Goh: What a two-face!

25 Dec 6:27 PM: Yan Kaykay: Pls block rozz from ever stepping in GC. The last time I saw her face there I was like, what?? She dare to come here and shoot? Shld be lynched.

25 Dec 6:27 PM: Yan Kaykay: So so so rude

25 Dec 6:33 PM: Eunice Annabel: Rozz dAMn kaypo. Have so many things to say about her but it’s Christmas so fuck it lol”

Hmm… I guess someone might become Xiaxue’s “ex-friend” too? I’m not too sure why Rozz made that comment on Xiaxue’s instagram post when everyone knows that everyone else is making screenshots of every little thing during this sensitive period.

{ Want To Be A Blogger? Learn To Handle Hate Comments }

It’s never easy to deal with “hate comments”. What is arguably worse than those are letters of demand from lawyers. I’ve been served one before. You can read about it here and here. Getting a “hate comment” might make you upset for a while, but being served a legal letter for the first time might make you lose sleep altogether. So, if you want to stay long enough in this blogging scene, know that you might face these at some point in time.

“23 Dec 8:47 PM – ‪Asyiha AMs‬: Idk how eunice deal w it alone before whe. She attack u

23 Dec 8:47 PM – ‪Asyiha AMs‬: I gt hate commentd i cnt tahan alf

23 Dec 8:47 PM – ‪Asyiha AMs‬: My heart break

23 Dec 8:50 PM – ‪Lydia Izzati‬: Just dont get affected w whatever she said. You know yourself better. So tell yourself that. I used to be affected back then but sooner it doesnt rlly affect anymore. Always rmbr you have your loved ones! 😘❤️ *hugs*

23 Dec 9:34 PM – ‪Yan Kaykay‬: Don’t listen to the haters la. You perfect also will have ppl hating.

23 Dec 9:34 PM – ‪Yan Kaykay‬: They don’t pay us, they don’t affect our lives in anyway”

You can choose to ‘Ban, Block, Delete’ and while you might think that people like Xiaxue would be immune to these comments, I don’t think anyone will ever get such immunity.

{ Blogger, YouTuber, IG-er, Influencer: They Are Not All The Same }

It upsets me when people who can’t blog are labelled as “bloggers”. If you can’t write an article to save your life, then call yourself something else. If you’re capable of producing good videos, you may call yourself a YouTuber. If you’re great with pictures for IG, yes, go ahead and call yourself an IG-er.

AND IF you have REAL influence, then call yourself an Influencer.

If you don’t have real ‘influence’, then I guess you can call yourself a “Social Media Enthusiast”. At least no one can accuse you of lying.

“24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Mae Tan‬: I wna write long long post like ya’ll

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Mae Tan‬: I tried

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Mae Tan‬: But my english tak boleh

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Mae Tan‬: Give up

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Mae Tan‬: Lol

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Lydia Izzati‬: I also

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Lydia Izzati‬: Cannot make it

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Mae Tan‬: Hahahahahahahahahah

24 Dec 7:08 PM – Kife Wee: Mae don’t worry nobody worse than me

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Lydia Izzati‬: Later got malay word here and there

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Lydia Izzati‬: Hahahahaha

24 Dec 7:08 PM – Eunice Annabel: HAHAHAHAHHA Lydia

24 Dec 7:08 PM – Kife Wee: PHAHAHAHAAH

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Mae Tan‬: Hahahahahahahahahah fuck la

24 Dec 7:08 PM – ‪Asyiha AMs‬: Hahahahahahhahaa”

Bloggers and IGers and YouTubers each have a set of skills that they regularly (try to) hone to perfection. What’s yours?


There’s more to this. I’ve actually learnt so much more from this really VERY LONG Group Chat, such as:

  • How To Blog So You Can’t Get Sued
  • Social Media PR Crisis: Should You Engage A Lawyer?
  • How To Respond To The Media During A Crisis

Stay tuned for Part Two.

Update: Read Part Two HERE.


Want to know why Xiaxue came up with this whole Exposé in the first place? Read this article on Yahoo Finance: