McDonald’s x LINE Plushies: Available Online Too!

McDonald's x LINE plushies

I don’t usually eat at McDonald’s. In fact, I think I have not eaten at McD within the last 6 months, at least. But the LINE plushies in their new collection are too cute. I found two of them irresistible. This one you see above is the first to be launched – Cony. The next one I would like to get is Brown in week 3.

 If you cannot be bothered to queue, but want the full set of plushies (minus the Valentines Day set), get it all for S$70 (inclusive of delivery) online:

McDonald's LINE Plushies

You can order a maximum of 3 SETS per online transaction, and a maximum of 4 plushies per transaction at the McD restaurants.

A new design will be made available every Monday at 11am for five weeks starting from TODAY, 5th Jan 2015.

On 9th February, a Forever Love edition box set (S$19.80) consisting of two characters specially created for Valentine’s Day will be exclusively available in-store.

McDonald's x LINE plushie

The plush collectibles are NOT available at:

  • KK Hospital
  • McCafe
  • Dessert Kiosk
  • Tampines Interchange Kiosk
  • Self-ordering Kiosks
  • Drive-Thrus
  • McDelivery

~ McDonald’s vs The Other Fast Food Restaurants in Singapore ~

I don’t think McDonald’s serves the tastiest burgers in Singapore. In fact, I think Burger King’s or Carl’s Jr burgers are better. Also, McD does not, in my opinion, serve up the best french fries either. I prefer MOS Burger’s crinkle cut fries over McD’s shoestring ones any day.

But look at the numbers: McDonald’s now has over 120 restaurants in Singapore! (Figure from McDSG’s website)

What draws people to McDonald’s?

#1: The Various Promotions

There are toys for children (I think it’s the Madagascar penguins right now) and there are toys for adults, such as these LINE plushies and of course, the ever-popular Hello Kitty ones.

(And if I may add, the squabbles and fights that result over the long queues for the Hello Kitty plushies, and the ensuing media reports, all add to the hype over McD’s promotions. So if you manage to get your hands on one of those kitty plushies, you may feel like a victor.)

#2: The Insanely Happy Staff

The staff always have a cheery greeting ready, are taught to ask you if you’d like to upsize your meal (every single time), and for not-very-high wages, McDonald’s somehow manages to keep them very happy.

#3: New Items On The Menu Every Time

From new burgers with satay sauce to special coffee brews and “wholesome meals at 500 calories or less”, McDonald’s wants you to keep coming back for more – whether you are feeling peckish, lethargic or currently on a low-carb diet. #somethingforeveryone

McDonald's wraps in Singapore

And I just love the whole idea of a Happy Meal – you don’t just get food to fill your belly, you get to choose a toy that will put a smile on your face too.

I guess this is why, even while I’m in my late-20s and my version of ‘Happy Meals’ does NOT come with a FREE toy (it costs S$4.90), I’ll still gladly hand my money over. 😀

[Update: Check out the Valentine’s set of a Brown and Cony plush – see the size comparison with the regular plushies HERE]


4 thoughts on “McDonald’s x LINE Plushies: Available Online Too!

  1. The plush toy from Mc is getting more and more $$$$. I agree with you their burger and fries standard is getting from bad to worse. I normally don’t eat mc anymore because i find their item shrinking in size and expanding in price. I only eat Mc when i want their toy.

    Actually i notice that the burger everywhere is shrinking, Carl Jr burger used to be so huge

    • Vincent, exactly. I don’t eat McD unless (1)It’s near midnight and there are few other food options available or (2)There’s a toy I want. LOL.

      Aiyah, it’s the same everywhere lah. Even with fishball noodles, the fishballs can get smaller in size, or fewer in number. 😀

  2. Hi, how tall is the brown doll (the one holding heart)? I wanna make a cloth pouch for my friend’s doll. If you still have the box, can you help me measuring it? Thanks before!

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