‘Blogging For A Living’ in Malaysia, & Coaching Sessions in SG! :D

Blogging For A Living

Totally skipped the Monday blues yesterday. 😀 On top of mailing out yet another autographed copy of my book to a Malaysian buyer from Selangor, I received an email from someone in Penang asking if I conduct blogging workshops overseas, and a reader from Sabah writing in to tell me he bought my book from a Popular bookstore in Sabah! Amazing!

If you’d like to get an autographed copy of ‘Blogging For A Living’, simply drop me an email. 🙂 I’m absorbing the postage charges for all book buyers from Malaysia. You’ll pay the same price of S$22. Get in touch with me via email (gracewwg AT gmail DOT com) and I’ll advise you on the payment procedure.


Last Sunday, I had a personal coaching session for Khan, whom I got to know via BNI. Here’s his handwritten testimonial after the session:

Blogging For A Living

Khan is in his 60s but he is not my oldest student. That title is still Steven Lek’s! [Steven blogs at retiredowhat.com and was last year’s Top 10 Finalist (Individual) at the Singapore Blog Awards 2014!]

Coaching someone who is more than twice my age can be challenging at times but I love a good challenge. For adult learners above the age of 55, here are some tips:

1) Come prepared with a written list of questions, then tick them off one by one as you get them answered. Remember to take notes!

2) Ask, clarify, and don’t be shy about asking again.

3) If something is too confusing or too technical or just too hard to remember, ask if you can get a video of the instructor teaching. This is what I have volunteered to do for both Khan and Steven. I know it is very helpful for them. Most phones have video-recording capabilities so make full use of them!

There is no shame in learning something new from someone younger than you. After all, 活到老学到老.

 For all who prefer individual attention, instead of learning in a group in my blogging workshops, you may drop me a note here to arrange for a personal coaching session:

gracewwg (at) gmail (dot) com


And now, to answer YOUR question if you are wondering what gives me the RIGHT / AUTHORITY to conduct blogging workshops…

Just the truth and solid proof:

Blogging Workshop

Simon received his award from Minister of State (MOE and MCI), Ms Sim Ann:

Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners

I am not a self-proclaimed best blogger in Asia Pacific, don’t have pineapple stickers on my car, and neither have I been in a tyre commercial. What matters to me is that what I know, I can teach, and also replicate that success for my students. If I can teach a 67 year old to blog, I’m quite sure I can teach you. If my students can win accolades at the Singapore Blog Awards (organized by SPH, and not awards given to us by companies we have 5% shares in), I think I’m pretty good at coaching.

If I am all talk and no action, you can say it’s all fluff and bullsh*t, but here I present to you only solid PROOF. 🙂 Of course, if you are not into chasing awards and accolades, and just want to have fun blogging, that’s fine too, you’re welcome to join any of my workshops.

See you around! 🙂