Lowrys Farm Singapore Farewell Sale: Up To 50% Off Storewide

Lowrys Farm Singapore

Have you heard about Lowrys Farm pulling out of Singapore soon? Devastating news for its fans, yes, I know. But there is one consolation: a farewell sale with up to 50% discount storewide – simply purchase 5 items or more. I spotted their Farewell Sale notice on their facebook page yesterday and went to their outlet at Plaza Singapura and bought the 5 items in the picture above. Spent a total of just S$107.25 for 4 dresses and 1 top.

Lowrys Farm Singapore

From Lowrys Farm Singapore’s facebook page, I have noticed that this 20%-30%-50% discount is not new. The company had such a sale in November 2014. I guess the pulling out of SG was already on the cards back then.

If you’d like to go pick up a good bargain, here are the addresses of Lowrys Farm outlets in Singapore:

・Isetan Orchard (Level1 Collect Point)
Tel. 6735 2182

・Bugis+ (#02-02/05)
Tel. 6884 5019

・Plaza Singapura (#01-58/60)
Tel. 6238 1304

・Vivo City (#02-191/192)
Tel. 6376 8100

・313@somerset (#03-22/25)
Tel. 6235 5469

・Jem (#01-47/50)
Tel. 6734 4597

・Suntec City (#01-375/377)
Tel. 6337 4588

・Tampines 1 (#01-52/54)
Tel. 6789 8465


Besides shopping at Lowrys Farm, I also went to Aeropostale because, well, there are many items now at 70% discount. Ha!

Aeropostale Singapore

The shorts and slippers are at 70% off, while there’s 50% discount for the shawl. I spent a total of S$52.90 on these 3 items. 🙂


Is it REALLY that tough for retail businesses to survive in Singapore? Apparently, yes.


For one, I don’t think many will want to shell out S$29.90 for a pair of flip flops. If it’s S$9, it’s still acceptable. And S$79.90 for a pair of shorts is definitely eyebrow-raising. A similar pair will probably cost about S$30 at stores like Cotton On.

It’s the same at Lowrys Farm, where a pair of shoes can cost S$100 or more.

There are too many blogshops and online fashion stores in Singapore, so I don’t think their target customers will be willing to shell out more money for something similar to what they can find online at lower prices.


It’s not easy to find good staff for retail and even for F&B businesses in Singapore. Retail hours are usually long, and if it’s a slow day, staff just stand around staring into space, and getting bored – not a lot of fun at all.

I definitely prefer shopping online, because there are no pesky salespeople to follow me around the (deserted) store, all the information I need is on the site (and I don’t have to try getting the attention of zoned-out staff), and there’s absolutely no need to queue.

3) RENT 

Rent, which keeps increasing, is a killer. Enough said. And there are some malls in Singapore that businesses just have to avoid (even along Orchard Road).


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  1. Gosh, I’m shocked! I thought they’re relatively new here; bought quite a few outfits from them before………….. Well, just popping by to wish you the best of 2015! xoxo

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