Inspiring! How Coca-Cola Is Empowering Female Micro-Entrepreneurs (PHL)

I really love the way Coca-Cola has so successfully linked the brand with the theme of Happiness. Remember the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine? šŸ˜€ I think the company has hit ‘marketing jackpot’ (if there’s such a thing) with this theme of Happiness. Even with serious issues like female empowerment, there’s still an undeniable link with Happiness. Especially in their 5by20 campaign. šŸ™‚

And what is this 5by20 campaign all about?

coca cola 5by20

I believe in female economic empowerment because the women usually make the buying decisions for the family, have control over the household’s purse strings, and in the Philippines, women run sari-sari stores and other small businesses.

Watch this short video clip and find out how Coca-Cola has helped female micro-entrepreneurs spread smiles:

Sari-sari grocery stores in the Philippines are what we would call ‘mama shops’ in Singapore and ‘mom-and-pop stores’ in other countries. Many of them are run by female entrepreneurs in the Philippines. However, these ladies often need help in even basic aspects such as understanding the need to keep track of customers who have taken items on credit.

The Coca-Cola STAR program teaches them, among other things, to appreciate the need for conducting aĀ background investigation of clients before extending credit, how toĀ organize merchandise andĀ maintain store cleanliness, provide goodĀ customer service, ensureĀ proper recording of credits, how toĀ compute a good mark-up for products, track inventory, determine how much profit is made daily, etc.

After the 12-week training program by Coca-Cola and TESDA STAR, these female micro-entrepreneurs see profits doubling, or even increasing four-fold!

Watch this video to learn more:

In the video, there is also mention of loans that these graduates get. They are said to be able to pay off those loans successfully. šŸ™‚ What we do not get to see is how the families of these female entrepreneurs have benefited. But I suspect that they now have even more things to be happy about, because when you impact a female entrepreneur’s life in such a meaningful and uplifting way, you cannot help but impact the lives of her family members and friends too.

Coca-Cola STAR

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