AIA Gives Its Customers S$50 “Angbao”, Then Takes It Back


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Some of AIA’s customers received a particular letter in the mail last month, informing them that due to their recent purchase of an eligible plan under the “AIA Protection and Health Consumer Campaign”, they now have a reward in the form of a Robinsons gift voucher. My friend is supposed to receive a S$50 Robinsons voucher when he brings the letter to any of the 3 Robinsons locations stated within the letter.

AIA Singapore

He passed me the letter, and authorized me to collect the voucher on his behalf, as I frequent the town area more often than he does. But I’ve been traveling much of last month, so I only had the time to pop by Robinsons at The Heeren today.

Alas! I was given yet another letter from the staff at the Concierge:

AIA Singapore 2 (1)

AIA claims that the letters were sent out erroneously and therefore one cannot claim any vouchers at all. Are they serious?! Is this an April Fool’s joke come early? If so, it’s a REALLY bad one!

You mean that first letter signed off by Ho Lee Yen (Chief Marketing Officer) was an error?! Then fire this person!

You cannot simply send out letters, make your customers feel happy, and make their way down to Robinsons, only to tell them that sorry, some fella made a mistake and they don’t get anything. “We apologise for any inconvenience caused”? Yah right. Is your apology worth S$50? 😉

What would AIA’s defence be?

In the original letter, in clause 4 of the Terms and Conditions, it is stated that the company may “at its sole and absolute discretion and without prior notice, withdraw or cease this promotion or vary the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time”.


What should AIA actually do?

Honor those promises in the original letters. Otherwise it is really distasteful, especially when this is what “new” policyholders have to encounter. Thankfully, I have not bought anything from AIA. And I never will too, after this.

When SIA’s Business Class tickets were sold at Economy Class prices, SIA admitted the error and decided to honor those tickets sold. I urge AIA to read this article:

And please don’t ever let Ho Lee Yen sign off any letter that the company does not wish to honor. It is truly not pleasant to have your customers (or their friends) head to town in the busy period leading up to Chinese New Year to collect a voucher that would not be given to them, and leave disappointed.

~ Update ~

This blogpost has been shared by The Real Singapore. Here are some of the comments:

AIA Singapore

AIA Singapore

AIA Singapore

AIA Singapore

Even if Ms Ho Lee Yen has to take home a reduced performance bonus this year, I think she should not leave customers disappointed. Especially when her signature, name and title are on the letters that each customer received.

Ho Lee Yen AIA

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~ Update #2: About AIA agent Kenny Toh ~

Kenny Toh AIA

Kenny Toh AIA

Kenny Toh AIA

Kenny Toh AIA

Kenny Toh AIA


My feedback has been submitted to MAS. Time to go about other business. #ikeepmyword #aiashouldlearn



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  1. I used to worked in Another Insurance Agency (aka AIA) for a year and such letters are usually auto-generated with printed signatory before they are mailed out to the policyholders. Such blander truly reflects that corporations are overpaying top honchos who do not place the customer’s interest before theirs.

  2. Thanks Grace for letting the whole Singaporean know what AIA is like. I am disappointed with them as well and I also tell my family and friends not to buy any policy from them. They disappeared once monies collected. Agents more interested in monetary gains than serving the ppl.

    • Hi Andy,

      I know a trusted agent whom I refer all my closest friends to. If you need a recommendation, just drop me an email: gracewwg (at) gmail (dot) com.

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