More Maku Store Items To Love

Maku Store Singapore

I brought this hot pink Maku Store handbag with me to Penang recently. Hence the awesome decor you see in this picture. I picked this handbag based on a photograph – via Maku Store’s mobile app. Little did I know that it doesn’t just come with a sling, it also has a detachable back compartment that doubles up as a clutch!

You’ll have to pop by Maku Store Singapore (Bugis Junction #03-20) to check out more items like this one. 🙂

And, as usual, when there is an irresistibly pretty wallet, I just have to get my hands on it. You might ask me what I do with so many wallets. Hmm. I do conduct giveaways. And I need a wallet for foreign currency too, usually Ringgit as I visit Malaysia (in particular, JB) quite frequently.

So this one contains my Ringgit:

Maku Store Singapore

Many card compartments because (most) women are “collectors” of membership cards:

Maku Store Singapore

Very little money in this wallet cos I spent almost everything in Penang. LOL! Can’t help it when the exchange rate was S$1: RM2.67, ya?

So guys and gals, if you’re getting new bags or wallets for Chinese New Year, pop by Maku Store. There should still be 20% discount storewide, or you can simply state that you are a fan of my blog and get an equivalent discount. 🙂