Tee-Saurus Tees: I’m Wearing One For Chinese New Year! Teehee!

I like to do things differently. Hence, for Chinese New Year, I shall be wearing this tee I got from Tee-Saurus. No fancy, frilly, flouncy dresses, please.


Actually, I’ve already worn the tee once, during my Penang trip. Even though it is a tradition to wear only new stuff for CNY, I’m going to wear what I like, as always. Ha! And please, ladies and gentlemen, try out and wear those new shoes before CNY or you’ll suffer from blisters during the festivities. #dontsayididnotwarnyou

With my shopping loot (NOT luggage) after a full day of shopping in Penang:


Photographed against the famous street art in Penang, at night:


I recommend only the things I like, and I highly recommend you get this tee because it goes beyond cuteness. It is made from 100% quality cotton and thicker than your usual cotton tshirts which can get translucent after a few washes. I’ve already washed the tee once and it retains its shape very well.

As for the tote, it doesn’t take well to washing, I’m still trying to steam the lines out of it. So, here’s a tip for you: don’t wash the totebag. The totebag would be the perfect totebag if it comes with a little pocket inside for small items like an ezlink card, or lip balm, or keys. So one doesn’t have to search through the entire tote just to find that missing card or keys. πŸ™‚ But otherwise, that design is unbeatable. Kawaii!!! Also, it’s ‘unisex’, and my bf DID help me carry my (tote) bag in Penang. Ha!

More pictures:



You can order the same Firecracker Rawr tee (S$30)Β hereΒ and the Tee-saurus Totebag (S$15) right here.

Here’s another tee I’m considering purchasing:


Maybe Teesaurus will give me a discount code now? πŸ˜€ Anyway, you can find this design here.

And you know what’s a really good deal? Their Tee-Saurus Festive deal:


Their signature white Rawr tee, a tote bag of your choice (except Daruma) and a set of motivation badges for just S$35! Go grab this deal now. And Happy Chinese New Year in advance! πŸ™‚

*And oh, normal postage is included in the price already. So shop happy. πŸ˜‰




Also @ Toy Outpost Jurong Point #03-05 πŸ™‚