McDonald’s Singapore: Valentine’s Day LINE Plushies (S$19.80 Per Set)

McDonald's Singapore LINE plushies

The McDonald’s x LINE for Valentine’s Day box set includes the two large Brown and Cony plushies you see in the picture above. I’ve put the smaller ones (that went on sale earlier) beside them for a size comparison. Check out my blogpost about the smaller LINE plushies HERE. The Valentine’s Day plushies are more expensive than the regular ones, but I guess they still make a great gift on February 14th. 😉

McDonald's Singapore LINE plushies

The plushie set also comes with a little message card. You’ll probably not be able to write much on it, but a simple “I love you” should fit. XD

And here are all the McDonald’s LINE plushies I own:

McDonald's Singapore LINE Valentine's Day plushies

I purchased 4 of them, except for Moon (the one with the basketball). It was a gift from my photographer pal, Max! (Thanks, Max!) I did not purchase 2 other plushies from the collection.

If you are wondering why the LINE plushies don’t sell as well as the Hello Kitty ones at McDonald’s, I guess it’s because there are so many characters in this LINE collection. I didn’t even know that one’s called ‘Moon’ till my pal gave it to me, and I saw the name on the back of the box!

There are also the frog and duck plushies (I really do not know their names, and don’t care either) which are still available at many McD outlets. Unlike the Hello Kitty collections, which all feature Hello Kitty (maybe in different costumes or themes), this LINE collection does not feature just the most popular character.

*If you want the (small) Cony plush, it’s still available at McD Compasspoint as of this afternoon when I was there.

Also, I have noticed that McDonald’s Singapore has not spent very much on advertising for this LINE plushie collection. On the first day of its launch, they did not even place their usual ad on the front page of The Straits Times. Perhaps the marketing team already suspected it wouldn’t do as well as the Hello Kitty collections. And they are right.

No fights, no squabbles, no buying-then-selling-on-eBay. No lines forming for LINE plushie sales. 😉

You know what I’m looking forward to? More of the Hello Kitty toys! Best if they come with little chains for handphones and handbags. So we can bring our hello kitty plushies everywhere. 😀 #dontjudge


I have received emails from two people thus far, asking me if I’d sell the Valentine’s plushies to them. My answer is no. Firstly, I’ve already taken the plushies out of the box and bag and they are no longer in ‘mint condition’. Secondly, they are mine, and not-for-sale. 😉

However, if you’d like me to drop you an email if I spot an available set for sale anywhere in Singapore, just leave a comment on this blogpost. DO NOT EMAIL ME. I get enough emails on a daily basis. Thanks!

Mcdonalds line

Mcdonalds line

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