When Traveling, Ensure You Have A Global Wifi Device

[Check out my earlier blogposts about What To Do in Penang and my stay at Carnarvon House] We were in Penang for approximately 4 days (25th to 28th January 2015) but were at risk of getting lost 3 times, because we wanted to check out places that even locals may not know about, and after popping into the many interesting shops along the way, it is easy to get disoriented and l.o.s.t even after we have spotted a ‘landmark’ in the distance. Serious.

Global Wifi device

With the Global Wifi device, we did not have to buy new SIM cards for use in Penang, could surf the Net and use Whatsapp any time, and most importantly, find our way around Penang with GPS. 😀

The 3 Times We (Nearly) Got Lost:

1) Our first day in Penang: Airport to Carnarvon House


An airport taxi costs RM44.70 – steep, yes, but isn’t this the case with taxis at all airports around the world? It was about 8.45pm when we boarded the taxi, and while it is easy to locate Carnarvon House in the daytime, it’s rather difficult at night as it looks like one of the many shophouses in a row.

Our taxi driver must have gone round the area twice, navigating through very tight lanes that made him curse under his breath. I quickly found our location with the help of my Global Wifi device (wifi-on-the-go is a lifesaver!), told the driver to let us alight and we walked the rest of the 300 metres or so. He was so thankful he didn’t have to continue searching. XD

2) Our third day in Penang: Shopping Mall to Prawning Venue

One of the things we wanted to do in Penang was to go prawning (Yes, prawning. Not fishing) With the power of the Internet, my boyfriend managed to find a prawning venue in Penang, that even my friends from Penang knew nothing about! United Prawning’s facebook page can be accessed here: https://www.facebook.com/unitedprawning and its address is ‘No.288B-1-2, Fortune Court, Jalan Thean Teik, Bandar Baru, Air Itam, Penang, Malaysia’

Our taxi driver did not know where Fortune Court was, and brought us to some other ‘Court’ that had only residences. I had to use my Global Wifi device to guide him there.

A screenshot:

Global Wifi

And as luck would have it, the place was CLOSED! And probably under a new management team too. *faints*

United Prawning Penang

Moral of the story: You may have wifi, but don’t get complacent (and stupid). Call and speak with someone at the place you want to go to FIRST, before making your way there in an expensive taxi [they don’t charge by the meter; not when they can rip you off]

3) Finding Times Square

Global Wifi

Times Square in Penang is one landmark that you cannot miss once you spot it in the distance, or so we thought. Then we popped into a convenience store for a bottle of water, and a few other shops to the right and left, and before we knew it, we had no idea where we were. Couldn’t see Times Square anymore.

We even found ourselves outside a toy museum cum gift shop that was actually someone’s home too.

Once again, I had to rely on the GPS, and we made our way to Times Square eventually.

McDonalds Time Square


Our trip to Penang would be less enjoyable if we didn’t have wifi on the go, hence this blogpost. If you’ll be traveling any time soon, pop by Global Wifi’s website (http://www.rentglobalwifi.com/) and take advantage of their promotions for reliable and affordable wifi devices:

Global Wifi

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