More Lianhe Zaobao Interviews Coming Up! :D

Steven Lek

Want to make a guess about what those interviews are about? πŸ˜‰

In this picture above is my 67 year old student, Steven Lek from In celebration of SG50, his new book ‘Enduring Quotes For A Young Nation’ will be published soon! To pre-order and get an autographed copy at a special price of S$12, simply email him at now.

I’m very pleased he took my suggestion of this title for his book. I’m really ‘paying it forward’ in a way. I’ve had the good fortune of having friends who helped name this blog of mine, and also my book ‘Blogging For A Living’. Really nice to help someone out this way too.

Today’s been pretty fruitful! Interviews for Lianhe Zaobao were conducted with my personal trainer, Cain Ng, and my (top) students Steven Lek and Simon Chan.

Here’s Cain, the bak kwa fanatic:

Cain Ng

Want to know how to have a great physique like that despite pigging out on all those sinful Chinese New Year goodies? Get a copy of Lianhe Zaobao when Cain’s interview is out. I’ll make the announcement on my facebook page so watch out for it.

*If you can’t wait to get some fitness tips, or to get into shape quickly, head over to Quantum Fitness’ facebook page ( and leave a private message for Cain.

I presented our sweet interviewer with a copy of Andrew Chow’s new book, ‘Public Relations 247’ aka ‘PR247’ πŸ˜€ (Steven & Simon in the background)

PR247 Andrew Chow

What is Public Relations all about?

For me, it’s about linking people I care about. My pal, Jimmy, linked me up with this journalist (I’ll not name her here so she doesn’t get ‘stalked’) and because I think she’s pretty awesome, I’m linking her up with my students and also my trainer. She gets wonderful people to feature, interesting stories to share with her readers, and I also get free ice cream from my students! πŸ˜€

*Kidding about that last point


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