Tampines’ Seafood Park (海鲜食霸) Tze Char: Our Valentine’s Day Dinner 2015

If you think you have a boyfriend who is very ‘practical’, wait till you meet mine. 😀 He bought me flowers before flower prices went up, and all his gifts (yes, more than one) are really, well, practical. Don’t ask me what they are though. And today, we had our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in a HDB heartlander fashion. Not that I’m complaining; I actually find it pretty amusing that we did not succumb to the lure of restaurant meals that will cost an arm and a leg. Instead, we had dinner at a kopitiam in Tampines. Not just any kopitiam, mind you. One that had such brisk business, we had to wait an hour for our tze char dishes.

Yes… lots of time to gaze into each other’s eyes. (@_@)

The best part of dinner, really: The awesome Iced Lemon Tea (we had seconds!)

Seafood Park iced lemon tea

Seafood Park (海鲜食霸) is located at Blk 823A, Tampines St 81 #01-02 (Hint: they take reservations).

We placed our order for 3 tze char dishes and we were told that it’d take 30 minutes for the food to be served. Looking at the number of hungry diners waiting to be served, we figured it’d take longer than that.

So we had chicken chop from the Western food stall while waiting. And then popiah from the popiah stall too.

The Western food tasted so-so, and I don’t have a picture to show you. But here’s one of the popiah. I loved that it had parsley in it. 😀


Note to self: Must learn to make popiah! 😀

The first tze char dish to be served was the Cereal Pork Ribs. Despite the rave reviews on blogs, I found this dish unremarkable. There’s not very much cereal, for one. And while the first mouthful tasted pretty good, it got quite jelat by the second. I think it’s the combination of mayonnaise and deep-fried food – you just can’t have too much of it without getting sick of the taste. Only redeeming quality: no bones whatsoever, which is pretty awesome!

 Seafood Park Cereal Pork Ribs

 After what seemed like an eternity, the homemade tofu dish was served. It’s actually pretty decent. Not too salty at all. Very silky smooth and all in all, one of the best tofu dishes I’ve eaten in a long, long time. Go ahead and order this one:

Seafood Park homemade tofu

The final dish was a little underwhelming. But considering how we’ve already eaten chicken chop (with fries and all), popiah, and 2 tze char dishes with rice, we were already 99% full by then. The claypot brinjal dish was too salty for my liking. But if you like savory dishes to go with white rice, then yes, order this dish:

Most of it eaten before I realized I’d forgotten to snap a picture:

Seafood Park claypot brinjal

So that’s our Valentine’s Day dinner. LOL! We spent just S$31 on this tze char meal, not including the cost of the pork chop, popiah and drinks, of course. But add everything up and it’s probably cheaper than a decent Valentine’s Day bouquet.

If you’d like to pop by Seafood Park, they have a number of outlets (Clementi, Victoria St, Eunos, Pasir Ris, and two in Hougang). To contact this one in Tampines, here’s the number: 6260 0548.


It’s almost the end of Valentine’s Day so before it’s midnight, I’d still like to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to you! 😀

If you are single, don’t fret. Like I tell all my friends who are single, it is better to be single and happy than to be in the wrong relationship and unhappy. Really.

Saw a female blogger posting on Facebook about how her wedding has been cancelled (without giving many details) and I’m thinking that yes, while that’s sad (considering how they must have spent money on booking this-and-that for the wedding already), it’s still better than getting married and living with regret or having to file for a divorce, especially if they are having kids after the wedding.

If you are in a relationship, it’s probably time to evaluate it. What’s working right, and what isn’t. Never wait till it’s too late to fix what’s not working.

If you are married, and happy, great! If you are married and unhappy (like another of my friends on Facebook), then quit whining, get moving, say goodbye. Life is short, and even good friends can only tolerate so much of your whining. <- Note to self too. 😀


6 thoughts on “Tampines’ Seafood Park (海鲜食霸) Tze Char: Our Valentine’s Day Dinner 2015

  1. The western food is so-so only?! Personally, I like the chicken chop, chicken cutlet, pork chop and fish & chips! They are fantastic with reasonable portion. Been buying from this store for 20 years and standard has been consistent. Do give it a try again when you are there. 🙂

    And yes the lemon tea from the food court drink stall is legendary! Very tasty but price has been increasing like $0.10 every year. 😦

    • Hi Qin Liang,

      Yeah, I thought the chicken chop was so-so only. I mean, the business was brisk but it could also be that the quality control was not as good as they were really busy yesterday evening. And yes, I’ll go try it again. 🙂 #secondchance

      Wah I didn’t know it’s legendary lemon tea leh! I saw many people drinking iced lemon tea so I bought a cup too. Then wow, I needed another. Ok lah, 10 cents more for LEGENDARY iced lemon tea is 10cents I am willing to pay. 😀

  2. Totally agree 150% on this ‘Life is short, and even good friends can only tolerate so much of your whining’. I rather be alone by myself and be happy (& positive) than listening to complains, gossip, and whinning!

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