Teddy & Me At Marina Square: That Mr Bean Cafe :D

Teddy & Me

I’ve been past this Teddy & Me cafe a few times in the past, but never stepped in for a meal. Yesterday, in-between meeting an advertiser and running some errands, I had a late lunch here. There were no other diners past 2pm and it felt like I’d booked the entire place. Good thing, too, as I found myself chuckling while having lunch. And I was eating alone. (@_@)

Teddy & Me

If you’re a Mr Bean fan like I am, you’ll love this place. Check out this picture above – there are so many photo possibilities! ๐Ÿ˜€

And here are the tables… with really cool Mr Bean cushion covers. And yes, that’s my new clutch bag on the table. It reads ‘Off Duty Blogger’; but as you know, we don’t really have off days. This blogpost is a case in point. LOL!

Teddy & Me

I opted for the S$14.80++ weekday lunch set meal of 1 main and 1 drink:

Teddy & Me

I had the Teddy Beef Bolognese (u.p. S$12.80) and the Strawberry & Mango Iced Tea (u.p. S$5.60). The iced tea was so diluted and lacking in taste that it might as well have been iced water with a few drops of tea. My meal here was nothing to shout about, but as you can see, I only had 1 main and 1 beverage. Perhaps their other mains and even the desserts might be yummy. I might give this place another chance, we’ll see.

Here’s the menu for your reference:

Teddy & Me

Teddy & Me

And yes, remember I said I was chuckling during my meal? Scroll up and see those iPads at each table? You don’t really use them for ordering food (the wait staff come and take your order) but you can watch Mr Bean videos on those iPads. I dare say that’s a first for me – eating alone and chuckling over my beef bolognese. Lunch here cost me S$17.40 (after tax) but the feeling of having the entire place to myself and funny videos to watch is – I would say – priceless.

Mr Bean Teddy


#02-207A Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039594


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    • WOAH… hahaha! That would be nice. I actually have an uncle who once had a calefare role in a Mr Bean movie. He just had to stand in line as a waiter or hotel staff I think. He showed us the video clip. Super cool.

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