Maku Store Singapore: A Red CNY-Ready Handbag for Mom! :D

Maku Store Singapore

Maku Store Singapore has a wide range of handbags, wallets, apparel, and other accessories. And many of them have special features, such as being expandable, detachable, come with compartments for SIM cards, etc. But I was looking for one which is suitable for Chinese New Year, and great for my Mom.

I picked this one in a fiery red hue. And while it doesn’t have any ‘transformer’ abilities like some of the other bags that Maku Store sells, it is incredibly lightweight.

You would expect a bag that looks like this one to be bulky, and weigh quite a bit even when it is empty. But surprisingly, this particular bag is super light, chic, and roomy all at once:

A classic gold clasp for a stunning red bag:

Maku Store Singapore

And it’s super spacious:

Maku Store Singapore

Unlike some other bags which have a compartment in the middle, the creator of this bag has the user in mind. There’s just plenty of space. If I’m using this bag, I can easily have two books in there, among other things like my wallet, an umbrella, handphone etc.

And yes, I’m sure my mom can fit quite a few mandarin oranges into this bag. Though she probably won’t want to do that to a new bag. 😀

If you ever need a new bag or wallet, make Maku Store Singapore at #03-20 Bugis Junction the first shop you visit. I’m pretty sure you’ll find one which catches your eye there. And always quote my name / show staff that you are a fan of my facebook page for perks, privileges and discounts that no other shopper will get. You have my permission. *wink*

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