Hong Kong Egglet at Jurong Point: Got My Hopes Up, Then…

Hong Kong Egglet Jurong Point

I was at Jurong Point yesterday to check out yet another store which stocks Sonny Angel – my latest obsession. Jurong Point is located at the other end of Singapore, from where I stay. (@_@) So, I don’t usually shop there.

Imagine my surprise and delight when we spotted Hong Kong egglet at #03-10 Jurong Point! Hong Kong is famous for its food and in particular, its snacks. And we were both FAMISHED, having skipped lunch in order to attend a Toastmasters meeting.

Unfortunately for us, we had to WAIT before we could collect our order of a Chocolate Egglet (S$2.60).

We guessed that it meant the snack must taste really good as there was a short queue for collection.

And since we were both hungry, whatever we ate then had to taste really good, right? Doesn’t everything taste good when you are hungry?

Hong Kong Egglet Jurong Point

We were disappointed.

I thought I was eating cardboard when I bit into these little ball-shaped ‘egglets’. (@_@)

Hong Kong Egglet Jurong Point

It LOOKS like it’s chocolate flavored, but it tastes nothing like chocolate. I might as well have torn off the cardboard backing from foolscap paper to satisfy my hunger.

Lesson learnt: Don’t assume that anything with ‘Hong Kong’ in its name must automatically taste good, and don’t mistake a ‘queue’ for an indication of good food. Also, never expect something to taste good just because you are hungry.

For the record, I had him finish the egglets. I went in search of better snacks. Heh! 😀


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  1. There’s also an outlet in Woodlands Causeway Point & they’ve a pretty good crowd. Popping by to wish you & family a Happy CNY! xoxo

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