SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Sets SOLD OUT in Under 12 Hours: I Bought 3 Sets. You?

Singpost SG50 Hello Kitty

The MyStamp Folder set (S$21.80) is also out of stock at the time of writing. 😀 The 1000 sets of the SingPost SG50 Hello Kitty Limited Edition Bundle Set (S$108) are all sold out! I managed to purchase 3 sets this morning.

I noticed that sales started before 10am. I was already on the site by 9.30am and around 9.55am or so, when refreshing the site, I noticed that the kitties were up for sale. So I quickly grabbed 3 of these limited edition sets. 😀

Why 3?

One will definitely be for my collection, and two sets for giveaways probably later this year. Or, they could become birthday gifts for my fellow Kitty fans/friends. 😀

Why pay so much for 5 plush toys and some stamps? I mean, the plush toys probably cost 3 or 5 dollars to manufacture in China, right? BUT this design cannot be found elsewhere! It’s in celebration of SG50! And it comes with a certificate and all, so yes, a pat on the back for getting them. 😀

And to my friends who are celebrating birthdays soon, and want to get this (*ahem) expensive set as a gift, feel free to drop me a message with an obvious hint. Depending on how much I like you (or not), I may/may not gift it to you. 😀 Hahaha!

(*Update: One reader has convinced me to sell her a set as she missed out on pre-ordering due to exams)