Secret Recipe at Vivocity: Yummy Tom Yum Kung! Must Try!

I’m a huge fan of Secret Recipe’s Tom Yum Kung, but I’ve never ordered the dish in Singapore before. I’ve always ordered it when overseas, in Malaysia. After all, if I’m paying ‘half price’ for the same thing in JB, why would I want to order it here, right?

In Singapore, it costs S$14.90 before tax. (I’ll update this post with the RM price in future)

Secret Recipe vivocity

It’s actually an award-winning dish, so do try it when you next visit Secret Recipe. I had a late lunch there today, and I was starving as it was right after gym. It was either this or Marche. But I’ve been to Marche many times already, so Secret Recipe it was.

There were few diners then as it was already close to 4pm. And I got to enjoy the ‘tea time special’ of a slice of cake and a beverage for just S$6.90 before tax. And oh, keropok is on the house.

Secret Recipe vivocity

I have to warn you, though, that the dish does not look terribly appetizing when served. In fact, the prawns were overcooked and hence, no amount of filters could ‘save’ it…

Secret Recipe vivocity

Not the most photo-worthy dish, I know. But I still slurped up all the noodles. And that broth is pretty good. Any fan of this dish will know that it’s slightly different from the ones served in Malaysia. There, it’s spicier and less sweet. Also, the noodles there are just a little bit thicker I think, or it could just be my imagination.

Anyhow, service at Secret Recipe (Vivocity) was fab today. The very young wait staff, Aryna, was polite, served me iced water promptly (without my having to request for it), cheerful, and very quickly noticed that I had left my water bottle behind when I got up from the table to head to the cashier – she quickly retrieved it and handed it to me. *If I’d been ‘mystery shopping’ here, she’d have gotten top marks.

Because I was dining on my own, I overheard (ok, call it eavesdropping if you want) her conversation with her colleague. Apparently, her dad had wanted to name her ‘Arena’ ‘cos he’s a big soccer fan. Like, erm… ok. But after her mother opposed to that choice of name, blah blah blah, they settled on Aryna, I believe. 😀 Interesting.

And I also had *ahem* chocolate banana cake. I just really like Secret Recipe’s cakes – they hit the right spot, always. If I can’t get Awfully Chocolate’s, I’ll settle for Secret Recipe’s anytime. 🙂

My lunch cost a total of S$25.65 – this could easily have bought a meal for two in JB. The prawns were overcooked, but the service was awesome. So I’d have to say that the money’s well-spent anyway.


Add: Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-108/109

Tel: 63769618


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  1. I love Secret receipe too! But frequent less now, last time always eat the lamb shank at IMM damn shiok! Usually I go jb eat the cakes only. Btw do you know if the keropok is refillable?? LOL

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