Ah Boys To Frogmen – Good Enough To Forgive The Bad Product Placements

Ah Boys To Frogmen

I’ve finally watched Ah Boys To Frogmen today. We had complimentary Shaw movie tickets from some DBS Safra card promotion – 2 out of the 6 tickets went to this show. And it did not disappoint. We didn’t watch it during a weekend screening like we had wanted to, because all the good seats were taken and there is nothing I detest more than taking the front row seats when catching a movie. (@_@)

4 more tickets left. I wonder what other movies will be worth watching…

Ah Boys To Frogmen

Ah Boys To Frogmen is so good that you’ll want to forgive them for the horrid product placements as usual. Thankfully, not so much airtime for bak kwa in this movie. And the BreadTalk and ToastBox bits were actually funny. But what I couldn’t stand were the horrible bits about that Nivea mud foam nonsense. It makes navy frogmen seem like effeminate losers if they find time to unclog their pores in the middle of rigorous training. Truly product placement at its worst. I bet the real frogmen will roll their eyes when watching this movie.

And that KPMG crap too. Having KPMG representatives come and “congratulate” one of the divers during the ‘graduation’ is just over-the-top LAME! Sorry, no other word to describe it. It’s just LAME! And to become an ACCOUNTANT after going through naval diver training is like deciding to drive a bus after going through fighter pilot training. Hello?! Who in their right minds will do that? #nooffensetoaccountants #orbusdriverseither

But of course, there is so much to love about this movie…

Ah Boys To Frogmen

1) The hot bods. Yup.

2) Really good acting from people like “No. 2” (that Thai and Filipino accent was a killer, man! I nearly fell off my seat from laughing too hard) and Aileen Tan. Aileen was very convincing in her role as a knife-wielding and money-stealing drug addict and mother to Lobang.

3) The jokes which caught me off-guard. Seriously, who would have thought that the NDU can also stand for ‘Night Delivery Unit’?! It’s hilarious! And that night delivery guy who passed the goods to No. 2 by mistake? He was brilliant. The way he looks and moves should totally have him cast in the role of Iago if Shakepeare’s Othello is performed in Chinese. I don’t know why but I thought of Iago as I watched the scenes he appeared in.

4) Insights into the training that naval divers get, from the ‘mochi’ to the drown-proofing. Read an earlier post I uploaded about drown-proofing here.

What can I say? The movie got my heart pumping fast right at the start with a counter-terrorism mission, and got me laughing at the end with the hilarious NG scenes. It’s definitely worth every penny of the ticket price. And I know Jack Neo’s gonna laugh all the way to the bank after this movie ends its run here (and elsewhere).

Go watch it if you haven’t already done so. I’d rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Remove the product placements, and you get 5/5. ๐Ÿ˜‰

*All images in this post are from popspoken.com, except for the DBS card one which is my own. ๐Ÿ™‚