Singtel’s UnexpecTech Deals bring their BEST tech-show deals to you, NOW!

SingTel UnexpecTech Deals

I love the awesome bargains at tech shows but the place is always so crowded and it is extremely tough to get to the deals that I want. Haven’t you experienced this before too? 😉 This year, Singtel’s helping us enjoy their tech show deals in a rather unexpected way – with their UnexpecTech Deals. 😀 There is just one catch though – it’s still fastest fingers first, but this time round, you can hunt for those deals in the comfort of your home!

Does that sound good already?

You will get the chance to take advantage of their best tech show deals before the tech show even starts! And that’s not all! You can enjoy these deals at the Singtel Shop or get them online!

And it’s also a lot of fun.

Singtel has hidden all their fabulous deals – from extra mobile data, to free months of fibre and great discounts on phones – in the one place you’re used to searching for stuff: your web browser! Say what?! Yes!

Get online and get everything from Free data, Extra Talk Time, Free 3 Months Off Fibre Broadband, $0 Samsung Phones, Xiaomi Powerbanks and more! As I’ve mentioned, it’s fastest fingers first as some of these are limited in quantity, so you’ll have to really swoop in fast.

Don’t worry though, as they have put clues all over the place to help you search for the deals. Just keep your eyes open for them…

Here’s one clue I found:

Hint: Milky Way is not a bar.
unexpectechdeals/_ _ _ _ _ _tab4forfree


Have a lot of fun, get good deals, plus stand a chance to win some great prizes too! You’ll have to act fast because some of the really cool ones are available for a limited time only! *wink*

For more details on how to play, visit and keep an eye out for all of these #unexpectechdeals 😀 Good luck and happy shopping!

SingTel UnexpecTech Deals


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