Smiggle Sale – March 2015! :D

Smiggle Singapore

It’s been a while since I last did an interview feature on Smiggle. Read it here. That was done way back in 2011! *gasp* Since that time, Smiggle stores have sprouted up everywhere in Singapore. And I’m not ashamed to admit this – I love their stores, products and sales!

Just last week, I popped by one of their outlets and bought a set of scented stamp markers (S$5 after discount) and macaron erasers ($7.95). The macarons did not come with any discount but I thought they were too cute to say no too.

On one hand, I’m happy that I’m now able to afford any of those cute stationery I see in stores, unlike those times when I was in primary school and my daily allowance did not allow for any of these frivolities. On the other hand, I’m shocked at the amount of money parents would end up spending if they allow their kids to walk into one of these Smiggle stores. Lunch boxes, notebooks, colorful stationery – gotta get them all. And not forgetting those bags, headphones, note pads, umbrellas, water bottles, etc. (@_@)

Maku Store Singapore

I took out those macarons for one of my product photos for Maku Store Singapore. While the macarons look all vibrant and colorful, they come with a very strong smell. Most of the products made in China don’t smell too awesome, and yes, Smiggle’s products are manufactured in China. Though I have to admit that the scented markers smell great.

Besides Smiggle, there is another company that specializes in selling stationery and has stores all over as well. Cannot recall the name now but it sells stickers, pens, notebooks, diaries, etc.

I think Smiggle definitely has a great chance of surviving and thriving in Singapore as they constantly have new and exciting product ranges and everything’s so colorful and cheery. As for the other store, I’m not too optimistic about it. After all, how many stickers can a student buy? *Will update this post when I get a picture of one of their stores.


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