Maku Store Singapore’s Hot Pink Sling Bag

Maku Store Singapore

Back when I was working for someone else, I’d always get bags in dull and drab colors, namely, black and brown. It’s been a while since I quit my job in 2011… and my bags and accessories are all getting bolder and brighter in color, just the way I like them. I used to carry an agnes b handbag back when I was working for Adam Khoo. I still have that bag but I probably use it just once a year. I am now in love with bags in vibrant shades that are a delightful pop of color to match any outfit. 😀 This sling bag in hot pink from Maku Store Singapore is one of them.

The two clasps in front can give you a little bit of trouble if you are carrying many shopping bags but need to get your ezlink card or wallet out of the bag. 😀 Otherwise, it’s great, with an additional zip inside to ensure the bag’s contents do not fall out.

Maku Store Singapore

Also, there’s an inner compartment (zipped) in the middle, and another by the side. The usual phone and card slots are in there too. The presence of the inner compartment means I can’t place a slightly more bulky item into the bag, such as a book, for instance. But for everything else, there should be space. I’ve had an umbrella, wallet, phone, Sonny Angel toys, and tissue in the bag.

And it comes with another compartment at the back – can place that ezlink card in here. And of course, that all important sling comes with the bag too. 🙂

Maku Store Singapore

Reader privilege: Get a discount when you shop at Maku Store Singapore (#03-20 Bugis Junction) just by quoting my name / blog name. Check in-store for more details. 🙂