Watami Japanese Restaurant: Looks Atas, Actually Quite Affordable

Watami Japanese Restaurant

This is not an advertorial, and I have never been sponsored meals here before. 😀 I just think it’s a fab restaurant because it looks so atas, and yet offers its members pretty good deals. I only got to know about Watami early this year when my trainers and I went to Ion for a late lunch and we just randomly picked Watami. The Ion outlet looks quite posh (from the outside at least), and I would ordinarily not pop in if I’m dining alone and visiting it for the first time.

However, on my second visit, I noticed that it has a really awesome membership program. Pay S$30 to sign up and you will get 2 x S$30 vouchers to use to offset your bill at your next 2 visits. Any other restaurant would have a minimum spending requirement before you can use the voucher, but Watami doesn’t! It’s so awesome that I’m telling all my friends to sign up!

And the food’s decent too. I like the beef don, which I’ve ordered many times already.

Watami Japanese Restaurant

This post shows some of the food my bf and I ordered when we were at Watami’s City Sq Mall outlet last week. We went to that mall to collect our race packs for an upcoming run, and so we had dinner at Watami. 😀 I was so happy when I spotted their banner that said members get a free platter of salmon sashimi (the usual price is S$11 or so, if I remember correctly) if the bill comes up to S$30. I’m a huge fan of salmon sashimi though I really shouldn’t eat so much raw fish, what with that bacteria and all. We were also allowed to use one of our membership vouchers of S$30 (thumbs up for this company) and still get the free salmon sashimi.

He ordered a Zen Udon Nabe set (S$26) while I had the Udon-suki (S$19.80), and there was also an OCBC promotion!

Watami Japanese Restaurant

Total of 15% discount! We ended up paying just S$15.80 for our meal. Shiok!

If you have a craving for Japanese food, do pop by Watami. And make sure you sign up for their membership program, while those freebie vouchers last. It really seems too good to be true and yet I’ve already used up my 2 vouchers! Got my bf to sign up, and received 2 more. Hehe!