OREO Launches A New Flavor: Coconut Delight

OREO Coconut Delight

[This is not an ad. I wasn’t even sent one sponsored Oreo cookie. :P] I’m just intrigued by what the Coconut Delight Oreo would taste like. Hmm. One of my favorite childhood snacks, the Oreo is a yummy treat whether eaten on its own or dunked into milk… or as guilty schoolchildren will tell you, the Oreo Twist-Lick-Dunk is the best. 😀

OREO Coconut Delight

According to the press release sent to me, the 137g pack costs S$1.59 and the 264.6g Multipack costs S$1.95. Honestly, I don’t know how they do the math, but I’m glad the snack is kept affordably priced. 🙂

But what I am really craving for right now is some Tim Tams 😀

Tim Tam

[Pic source: timtam-shop.de]

When I was in Melbourne some years ago, my pals Calvin and Mark taught me how to eat tim tams. Apparently, you bite off the ends of a tim tam (diagonally opposite each other) and use the now-bitten tim tam as a straw in warm milk. Then you eat the tim tam, whose center would have gotten all warm, melty and mushy from the milk. Entirely delectable, I tell you!

I don’t have the Coconut Delight Oreos at home, and neither do I have tim tams within reach. 😀 I DO have Haagen-Dazs’ ice cream though. Bought 3 pints this week ‘cos they are on offer at Sheng Siong till end of the month. The usual price is S$14.50 EACH, but they’re now going for S$28.50 for THREE. Impossible to resist. And I do love the green tea flavor. 🙂

Haagen Dazs

Sweet weekend, folks!~