What I Learnt From Meeting Tun Dr Mahathir

Dr Mahathir

I was really humbled and honored by this simple gesture: Tun Dr Mahathir held out his hand towards me for a handshake. I’d presented him with my book ‘Blogging For A Living’, and he asked if I made money from blogging. He made us all laugh when he said that he is also a blogger but doesn’t make a cent from his blog. 🙂

He then went on stage and wowed us all. Here are the top 3 things I learnt from Dr Mahathir:

1) Use Humor Effectively

Tun has a self-deprecating sense of humor, and he pulled off those jokes to great effect. We were cheering and laughing during his speech because he can even talk about political issues and deliver the message across in a humorous way. Of course, there were times when he spoke about other serious issues and we listened respectfully.

2) Social Media As A Knife – Wield It Well

He shared that social media is like a knife which can be used to carve out beautiful things, or it can be used to stab people in the back. It can be good for society or it can make society less ‘liveable’. “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and social media gives us all “absolute power”, so we need to learn to use it wisely and judiciously.

I cannot say that I have always used social media or whatever (little) clout or influence I have wisely. Sometimes, I see nasty comments made about me, my book, my students, etc, and I take that “passive-aggressive” route and call that person certain unflattering names (but nothing crude, vulgar or excessive) on my social media accounts, knowing that the latter is not among my followers. Still, I was wrong.

3) “I Made A Mistake…”

In answering a question posed to him about Vision 2020, Tun uttered these 4 words which surprised me.

And yes, this is the approach I have taken too, for the unflattering words that I used to describe my ‘hater’; I made a public apology on my blog. And the latter has even requested that I remove the blogpost with that apology, so you won’t see it anymore.

On my part, it’s ‘case closed’. I apologized, and tried to live up to my name – Grace. For whatever mean things that were said about me, do I deserve an apology? I think so. But will I get one? I’m not hopeful.

And finally, yes, it’s incredibly childish to do a post about me after deleting all your own comments about me, and reaching an amicable settlement in court. It is definitely ‘below-the-belt’ to upload such a post AND TAG me on instagram just before I went on stage.

But I have not read the blogpost, and will not read it either. I’ll leave my lawyer pals to do that while I go have teh tarik.

Thank you for the extra blog traffic and followers on social media.


12 thoughts on “What I Learnt From Meeting Tun Dr Mahathir

  1. Dear Grace, I have always read with interest in regard to arguments and fights between bloggers. However, I have never once feel this strong impulse to comment until I read this blogpost about Tun Dr Mahathir and the 3 things his taught you while linking or insinuating your current controversial situation. Clarification: this is the first time I have to purposely set up a blog to be able to comment on this platform as no comment allowed without signing in.As Dr M clearly state “social media is a knife, wield it well” in second point, I wonder do you take this advice to heart. From my pov, you are not wielding it well. In his third point where Dr M uttered he made a mistake, you insinuate a blogger that you deserve an apology which you think won’t be forthcoming. Although you made a mistake and settled amicably out of court, a blogpost was written about your posts and actions on your social media platforms and you termed it hitting below the belt as it was posted before you hit the stage. You claimed you did not read the blogpost but why are you insinuating it? If you want to close the case, you should not even breath a word about this incident anymore. I wonder if the apology should be given due to your ‘graceful’ personality or your masterful way of manipulating English to your readers into thinking you are victim instead? I think you are being very childish by doing this post and also posting a sticker on the blogger instead of removing the video/post regarding cooking blogger challenge totally from your blog. Since you have written your own book and teach workshops on how to blogger a living, I am sure you can generate your clicks organically without badges on the side. Sincerity goes a long way and your posts does not show sincerity to me. I click to this page to check the blogger is it worth checking out. To my disappointment you are anything but a self serving person who thinks you are better than everyone else. I wasted my time and energy typing this. Maybe you will delete this as well but it would not do your blog any good if you can’t take any criticism and be brave to take everything in your stride. May God bless you. Cheers, Cherie.

    • Hi Cherie,

      Sorry, what you say does not make sense. The case was closed till that blogpost was uploaded by that blogger yesterday. You should really read my new blogpost just posted today. It’s rather long. But necessary. And don’t bring God into the picture too, unless He spoke to you about this, ok? 😉

  2. Something is very wrong with your whole rationale around this….you started it, you joked/slandered/bated her, you half say you admire half say you have to defend greater justice, you say you have a busy life, but you are responding to every negative comment you get on this website, every sentence and every post is laced with following you on SM or mentioning you are award-winning. Every word you write is sarcastic, mean-spirited, passive-aggressive, and every message you send is clearly indignant with poorly masked contempt. I never heard of you until you started linking stuff on your website to further the XX vs. GC issue, but I stumbled on your site to read more information, and I actually really enjoyed your blogs at that time because they were neutral and intelligent, which is a rare find most of the time. But then you embroiled yourself into all of this mess, you started it, you started it, you started it, and then you call yourself the victim. This downward spiral is just so unnerving. Then you go as far as getting a PO. This is not normal behavior, this is not the way a normal person rationalizes things. This is not the behavior of a normal, intelligent woman, forget professional. And in this post, you still can’t let it go. But YOU STARTED IT. I feel this whole situation is so ridiculous on so many levels because it is entirely contrived in your head, yet you cannot seem to digest the reality of the consequences of your actions. You created this entire mess yourself. You started it, and yet you unabashedly speak so smugly like some fanatic crusader. There are no words to describe how ridiculous this situation is. And you are the cause of it all. You may have attracted a lot of attention lately, but I hope you realize that none of it puts you in any positive light. I’m not from your continent, but overseas people admire #LKY, too. But you have injuriously insulted his integrity for all the wrong reasons. #LKY 101: he would never have started such a ridiculous catfight in the first place. He would never have behaved in thew way you have and continue to behave. You raised hell all on your own. That is what is so ridiculous about this whole thing. You started it. And yet you can say what you say and somehow believe your sudden cause for social righteousness. It’s unbelievable. Ultimately, you have crafted yourself into a real piece of work. I am flabbergasted that somebody who wrote a book on how to blog for a living could possibly be proud of blogging herself into infamy. Take note: the negative comments you are receiving are not coming from anybody’s haters – they are coming from neutral people who now can’t believe your recent actions and feel so repulsed by it they have to post.

  3. “Grace Tan
    on May 17, 2015 at 7:03 pm said:
    Thank you for making it clear to everyone that you don’t understand simple English. 🙂 Your behavior is typical of a troll. If you would use your REAL NAME and leave your contact details here, I will DEFINITELY see you in Court. :)”

    I note that you have closed the comments section to “Slaying The Dragon In Each Of Us”. It is such a cowardly (and feeble) attempt to prevent a reply to your threats and UNGraceful behaviour.

    I simply challenged you to keep your promise to reveal the evidence that substantiates your various defamatory allegations against Wendy. You in turn reply with excuses, delays and ultimately A THREAT OF LEGAL ACTION AGAINST ME!

    That speaks volumes about your intrinsic character. You are a BULLY, no more and no less! I never liked Wendy’s blogging style but now feel some sympathy for her. She said some disagreeable things about you (after you said very disagreeable things about her!) and you drag her through the Courts and media, insult her mother, etc!!! It is clear to all and sundry that Grace (what an oxymoron!) is the true BULLY!

    I am not an attention seeking whore (like yourself). Therefore, I see no need to leave my name and contact details. I am present at the State Courts on a regular basis (in a professional capacity) and may actually SEE YOU IN COURT someday.

  4. “LOL. You TOTALLY ignored my reply asking you to leave your REAL NAME and contact details here so I can see you in Court as requested. Now you comment about something else altogether. Come on, dude. Grow some balls, or get outta here!”

    I simply commented on your attention seeking behaviour ie. emailing MinLaw and CC the same email to the whole govt leadership! I did this while scrolling down the comments (without refreshing the page) and didn’t see your reply. When I did read your reply, you had already CLOSED THE COMMENTS.

    Think I ignored you? Did that hurt little attention seeking Grace? Unlike yourself, other people have real work to do and can’t be expected to reply in an instant. It is also difficult to reply when YOU CLOSE THE COMMENTS SECTION.

    My belated reply is posted above and i trust it addresses the substance of your reply. As for Balls, I have to say that Wendy’s are way bigger than your yours (figuratively speaking)! She has a potty mouth but she is forthright. You on the other hand are a BULLY and Coward (Are you going to close the comments here too?)!

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