Book Review: FISH Omnibus by Stephen C Lundin

Fish Omnibus by Stephen C Lundin

This is the only reading material I packed in my luggage for my trip to Japan. Comprising 3 books in 1 edition, it made for a fantastic read while on the plane and trains.

I’d highly recommend this book to employers / managers who want to inspire / motivate their teams, and to individuals who want to rediscover a passion for their jobs. 🙂

Here are 12 things I learnt from reading Fish Omnibus:

1) Choose Your Attitude

In the way that you do your work, strive to be world famous. Trust that whatever happens, you’ll be all right. Keep on learning and growing.

2) PLAY at Work

Have a good time, in a respectful manner. Lighten up! Leaders have to play along, on top of telling employees to play.

3) Make Their Day

Look for as many ways as possible to create great memories for your customers.


5) Do the exact opposite of what the rest of the industry is doing

6) Focus on customer enthusiasm

7) Happiness: Get outside yourself and serve others

Focus on what you can give, not what you can get. Take time to be there for people. Do something nice for someone else.

8) When somebody asks how you are, say “PERFECT”

An exercise: Close your eyes and picture the perfect __(insert occupation)__, then open your eyes and BE that person.

9) Do what you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it

10) Coach and be coachable

11) Full Life = Work Life + The Rest Of Life

12) Over 12 weeks, do these:

  1. Count your blessings, and swim in a sea of gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal.
  2. Set GOALS.
  3. Find 50 ways to play.
  4. Have some fun. Pick 5 from the 50 ways and implement 1 each day.
  5. Intend to make someone’s day.
  6. Random acts of kindness.
  7. Why can’t we just be where we are?
  8. Say “How Fascinating!” whenever you mess up. Just don’t sit around and be anxious. Don’t sweat the small stuff – thoughts cannot be controlled but we can choose not to dwell on them.
  9. Pick 5 attitudes you would like to see more of in your life. Assume that attitude, like an actor takes on a role.
  10. Post up your attitude for all to see.
  11. Set a world record. If you can find a small-enough pond, you can be a big fish.
  12. Live each moment fully. Find something to wear that reminds you of this commitment.

Know clearly what you are trying to create and find the vision to communicate your goals. Remember: Demonstrate honesty and authenticity in our conversations about the way we work and who we are being at work.


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    • Yes yes! 🙂 I’d love to loan you a copy of this book, but I’ve actually left it in Japan ‘cos there’s no space in my luggage liao. XD

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