5 High-Paying Internships in Singapore Which Are Too Good To Miss

Back in the days when I was still a student, a part-time job paid S$4 an hour. Today, that same job pays a minimum of S$7. In fact, many students are looking out for jobs paying S$10 per hour, or more.

But where internships are concerned, I’ve heard too many complaints about how some person or other signed on with a company (whether to rub shoulders with a famous person or two, or to work for a supposedly ‘cool’ organization), accepting an internship pay cheque of S$500, and then being saddled with a ton of work; probably more than what the full-timers have to do.

My take on this: Since you’re going to be doing a lot of work, from photocopying papers to fetching coffee, on top of whatever the full-time staff do, then you might as well apply for an internship with higher pay. Unless, of course, you really love a particular organization, or if it’ll help you with University application or a future job application. 😉

If you are looking for a Singapore internship that pays well, then you might want to check out these 5 companies, which pay anything from S$800 to S$5000 a month:

1. User Happiness Intern for Pear Comms (SGD 800 – 1000)

Pear Comms

2. Engineering Intern for Info-Technology & Trade Pte Ltd (SGD 800 – 1000)

Engineering Intern

3. SEO Intern for Lazada (SGD 1000 – 1200)

SEO intern Lazada

4. Sales & Marketing Intern for PGA Services Pte Ltd (SGD 1600 – 2400)

PGA Services

5. Wealth Management Intern for Interlace Solutions (SGD 2000 – 5000)

Wealth Management Intern

I took all these screengrabs off a job portal called Stroff.com, with permission from the company.

I’m sure there are many more such internship offers, on top of freelance, full-time and part-time jobs, but a quick search of their Classifieds already led me to these 5. And honestly, S$5000 is a lot of money for an intern. 😛

So, if you are looking for a high-paying internship Singapore opportunity, you can check out the site:



For employers, what I found very helpful was the guide on how to manage the ‘Millennial Student Intern’. There are 6 pointers:

1) Encourage creativity

2) Ensure job and culture fit

3) Provide work-life balance

4) Be nurturing and inspiring

5) Cultivate a sense of community

6) Listen to and connect with your employees

And if I may add one more… don’t emphasize “face time” so much. 😉