Ride A Fliker At Punggol End – It’s For Adults Too!

Have you seen kids riding this before?


[Photo from here]

Well, there’s a bigger version for adults!

Thanks to a recommendation by a mommy blogger, Phoebe from BPDGTravels, I got to know about Fliker rentals at Punggol End, specifically at this bike rental shop called “Jomando Adventure & Recreations“.

It is located right next to Giant:

Jomando Adventure and Recreations

At Punggol End, there are a number of activities for families with kids to enjoy. Besides that row of seafood restaurants, there is a place for horse-riding (click here) and now the dads and moms can also enjoy Fliker rides while their kids cycle.

And because the weather is SO HOT lately, I’d highly recommend you pop by Giant for at least a small bottle of mineral water first. Costs only 40cents, but it will keep you hydrated.

Bike rentals are priced differently from Fliker rentals, so you might want to take note… Fliker rental costs S$10 per hour, but you get an additional hour free if you pay for 2 hours, i.e. S$20 for a total of 3 hours.

Bike rental rates as follows (*Accurate at point of writing) –

Punggol End Bike Rental

And Suzuki car owners get 20% discount – don’t ask me why:

Punggol End Bike Rental

We rented the Fliker for 3 hours yesterday, and got thoroughly sunkissed. XD (Please apply and re-apply sunblock!) The verdict: It’s a lot of fun, and a great lower body workout to help tone your hip, butt and thighs.

How To Ride A Fliker:


Just remember that it’s largely a lower body workout so put one foot onto the fliker and push off with the back foot, as if you are getting onto a skateboard. Once you have that momentum, put the back foot onto the fliker and move your feet together in a gliding motion, left and right.

Ask Uncle Jo (or is it Joe?) at the bike rental store to do a demo for you if you’d like.

And at the end of your Fliker ride, I’d recommend you head upstairs to Wayne’s Chill Out and grab some ice cream and a waffle:

Wayne's Chill Out

Yesterday’s waffle was a tad too crispy and the passionfruit sorbet was really sour. Pink grapefruit was nice though. Because business was really good during the Public Holiday yesterday, they’d run out of my usual favs: Chocolate and Mango.

Address for both:

3 Punggol Point Road, The Punggol Settlement

Opening Hours and Contact Details for Jomando can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/JomandoAdventureNRecreation/timeline