My Beauty Diary masks – Amazingly Low Prices at Guardian Stores

My Beauty Diary

Thanks to fellow blogger Mummy Rei, I came to know about the My Beauty Diary sale going on at Guardian stores. I like the My Beauty Diary range of face masks because they are very affordable (I find the new range a tad pricey though) and most importantly, they work. I used to apply two masks daily till I got lazy. And in Singapore, you have to be careful about where you purchase these masks from. The official distributor, Alphico Marketing, stocks these masks at Guardian, Watsons and SASA stores. If you find the masks elsewhere, they are likely parallel imports… or fakes.

And yes, there are fake My Beauty Diary masks. I found some in China previously. Each box was going for about S$4 when the usual price is about S$14.90! And the packaging is exactly the same. You’re unlikely to notice the difference – everything is the same, from the font to the feel of the packaging, to the masks themselves. The only difference I managed to spot was a very small one: that little perforation at the top (which helps you tear the packet open) was in a different shape! (@_@)

As for the current sale, the My Beauty Diary x AIKO FUKAWA range (with the cute cat and rabbit illustrations on the box) are going for S$8.45 per box. I think that’s a discount of 50%! You’ll find 12 masks in each box, which means each mask costs just 70 cents! The taller ‘Prettier Day by Day’ sets are even cheaper – at S$5 per box of 12 (i.e. 42 cents per piece).

These sets are in extremely limited quantities, so count yourself lucky if you find one. Some of the masks (sold individually) are going at 2 for S$2. I bought the Black Pearl and Vanilla Moisturizing Aroma ones.

My favorite will, however, still be the Hyaluronic Acid ones. 🙂

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