Why Are Original Source Shower Gels So Popular?!

Original Source Shower Gels

I’ve seen the ginormous Original Source ads at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, and know that these shower gels are very popular among younger folk. And I got this value-for-money set from online shopping platform GoBuyLah. I’ve already used up the Mint & Tea Tree and the Shea Butter & Honey ones. Hence the two bottles in the middle of this picture above are empty. 😀 The 3rd bottle I’m using is the Lavender one.

I brought the Shea Butter shower gel with me to Japan recently as it was still rather cold when I visited and this shower gel plus my moisturizer helped prevent cold rash on my legs, which I’m usually susceptible to. And I do like the Mint one pretty much, because (believe it or not) it leaves a tingling sensation on your skin after your shower – it’s like what Halls mint candy does to your mouth. LOL.

This set of 6 costs S$32.50 on GoBuyLah.sg (and comes with zero delivery charge – read my blogpost here for an additional discount code) and while I like the cap’s location at the base of the bottle as it means there’s very little wastage and you get (almost) every last drop, the shower gel might leak out of the bottle during delivery or on a flight overseas. For the latter, please be reminded to seal your toiletries in (separate) ziplock bags. GoBuyLah wraps them in bubble wrap so I got mine intact.

What I think Original Source has done really well is their branding. I love the bottles and how they state the quantity of the (main) ingredient in the shower gel e.g. “40 real zingy limes…”, “157 relaxing lavender flowers…”, “7927 tingling real mint leaves” (in each shower gel bottle). It is both intriguing, and helps justify the slightly higher price you pay for this brand of shower gels, which are vegan, come with natural fragrance and are not tested on animals. 🙂 Very clever indeed.

Just as I love Herbal Essences shampoos because they smell so good, I’m really liking this colorful range of shower gels which have natural fragrances and also make me think about what goes into each product. 49 bee miles for one bottle of this Shea Butter and Honey? Very interesting indeed. 😉