About That XiaxueExposed Blogpost

No, I am not referring to the post that I wrote, which is about Xiaxue and other Nuffnang bloggers. I am talking about this one:


If you’re thinking “Oh no, another post about Xiaxue! When is this saga gonna end?!” then I promise you this post is worth your time. It’s an easy read – not as lengthy as the post I put together – and it’s actually quite funny.

And to all you fault-finders, OF COURSE I can share that blogpost. I am also mentioned in it. DUH 😛

There is a group – perhaps online vigilantes, perhaps not – which is standing up against cyberbullying. Because they are anonymous, when rabid minions want to attack, they don’t know where to start. The best they can do is say “This blogpost is lame”.

So… a BIG THANK YOU to the blogger behind this xiaxueexposed site, for all the compliments, and for defending me and making me laugh too! 😀