Caffeine Helps Combat Hair Loss – No, It’s Not About Drinking Coffee!

I attended a very interesting presentation on hair care recently, and one of the main takeaways from the event was the stunning realization that “white hairs are good hairs”. Dr. Alvin Wong shared that the (black) pigmentation is gone after about 10 hair cycles, so people start seeing white hairs when they are about 40 years old. However, these hairs are good hairs (they just don’t have the pigments anymore!) so we shouldn’t be plucking them out! Instead, the doctor recommends that we simply dye our hair.

And of the many concerns people have with regard to growing old(er), the main ones are hair loss, weight gain, and wrinkles. The top 3 factorsย we think are responsible for our hair loss are (1) Stress, (2) Too Many Chemical Treatments and (3) Vitamin Deficiencies. A survey done this year showed that 72% of respondents actually use hair volumizing products! If you are concerned about hair loss or poor hair growth, read on ‘cos this blogpost is for YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚


On a HOT day like today, a hair wash with cold water is quite a treat. If money is not an issue, and I’m a real tai-tai, I’ll be getting my hair shampoo-ed daily in hair salons such as J’s Salon:

J's Salon

This picture was taken on a recent visit. And as you can probably tell, a hair spa here is a luxurious treat. The plush seats are so comfortable, and there’s even a foot rest! And beneath your feet is a stunning view of the Singapore River. Ahhh…

I was introduced to Plantur’s range of haircare products during that visit, and took home two sets of products – I’m giving away one set… at the end of this blogpost ๐Ÿ˜€

Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine range

Made in Germany, the Plantur range helps to combat poor hair growth and premature hair loss. The brochure states that “caffeine activates the hair roots and improves hair growth” and the products also come with valuable micronutrients such as biotin, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Even if you don’t end up purchasing these products, do take note of these micronutrients and ensure you get them via your diet. *wink*

I’m currently using the Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo and Elixir. The shampoo comes in the form of a colorless, clear liquid with a faint but nice smell. Despite the name, I’m not sure if the Elixir really works (I hope it does), so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. And honestly, there’s no real way to tell. I’m most certainly not going to count the number of hairs I lose on a daily basis. LOL.

Plantur haircare

I’ll be giving away the Plantur 39 range. It’s for people above the age of 40. The products also contain active ingredients like soy and white tea – “phytoflavones, active botanical ingredients that… help to strengthen the resistance of the hair roots and improve their energy supply… [supporting] growth and regeneration.” If you, or someone you love, is above age 40 and would like to try these products then take part in my giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

*You can find Plantur products in pharmacies and supermarkets islandwide.


Plantur 21 Giveaway

I’m giving away the Plantur 21 Nutri Conditioner (since my hair is rather short, and I have no use for this) and the full set of Plantur 39 – for people aged 40 and above!

Head over to my facebook page for details on how to win these products! ๐Ÿ˜€