9 Must-Buy Hello Kitty Items From Daiso Japan

Here’s a picture I took of my Daiso Hello Kitty loot after I got back from my most recent Japan trip: Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

And yes, there are obviously more than 9 Hello Kitty items, but I think some are sold in Singapore – either in Daiso stores, or elsewhere, so I’m leaving those out of this post. These kitty items cost 108 yen (about S$1.25) each in Japan and are quite a steal for this price! 🙂 If you’ve always thought that Hello Kitty items are expensive or that everything is more costly in Japan, think again. 😉

Here are the 9 Hello Kitty items from Daiso Japan that you must buy if you are in Japan for a holiday, because they are most likely not sold in Singapore at the moment:

Hello Kitty Sponge Holders

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Have you ever seen a sponge holder that can be attached to the sides of your kitchen sink? Can’t say I have. I guess I don’t notice these things till Daiso decides to come up with one with Kitty’s face on it.

And these are just too kawaii. So one is never enough. LOL!

Hello Kitty (extendable) Hangers

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

The hangers are very pretty – what with the bow and Kitty’s cute face on each one. But they are also rather cool as they’re extendable too, so you can hang your coats, jackets, winterwear, etc, on them.

I saw 4 of them at one Daiso store, and bought them all. XD

Hello Kitty Clothes Pegs

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Laundry days will be a little more fun and a lot more kawaii with these clothes pegs. LOL.

I wonder what the neighbors will say when they spot these! 😀

Hello Kitty Hooks For Bags & Rubber Bands

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Rubber bands usually end up in a small container or in a drawer, right? Well, not anymore.

Hello Kitty Clips – Fridge Magnets & Food Bag Clips

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Some of these food bag clips might have been available in Daiso Singapore stores at some point. But I don’t think they’re available anymore. But it’s ok, I’ll get them in Japan during my next trip. 🙂

What Do You Call These?

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

It’s like a cute rain shower for one’s kitchen sink. LOL. Am saving this for my new place, just to make guests go “Aww so cute!” 😀

Hello Kitty Paper Napkins

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Because plain paper napkins are boring.

Have you spotted any other Hello Kitty Daiso items while in Japan? Let me know as I’m heading back soon and look forward to getting more of these. 🙂