First Visit to Komtar JBCC (New Mall Beside JB City Square)

Since the time I interviewed Miss Lemonade for my blog, and found out that she goes on overseas “beauty trips” with her blog readers, I’ve wondered when it would be my turn to go on a trip with a blog reader too. 😀 And my wish was granted today! I’ll not name the person, and I’ll show you only what we ate. Ha! Still, I count it a real blessing that I had this #AchievementUnlocked moment today. I love finding out why people do what they do. And this reader is particularly intriguing – being voluntarily unemployed for the past two years, and enjoying each day, while heading to JB on a rather frequent basis for food and movies.

If you’re working hard and earning as much money as you can, so that you can have a leisurely life in future (like what those “financial freedom” gurus preach), you should really meet this blog reader of mine, who is already leading a simple and leisurely life right now. I’m wondering if we can strike a balance of sorts – work hard for the future while enjoying the present to the fullest. This person is living at one extreme end – no job, no stress, few(?) worries but will probably be bombarded with questions like “when are you going to look for a job?” every week. 😀

Anyway, we had lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant (2nd floor, Komtar JBCC). I had this teriyaki salmon and fried oyster set:

Azuma Japanese Restaurant Komtar JBCC

The portions are really small, so don’t mind me, I won’t be heading back anytime soon. The staff were really polite though, and the food tastes ok. But just two oysters?!

We then went shopping at City Square before heading back for an early dinner at Fat Burger at Level 3 of Komtar JBCC. It was a really slow business day for them, and even for KFC next door. While City Square was buzzing with people, Komtar JBCC had few shoppers, and even fewer diners. So if you’re looking for a mall for a quiet date night/day, head to Komtar JBCC. I found the mall really cold though. The fiancé suggested that it might be because the air-con’s new! 😀

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

The Mushroom Plate:

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

A fried egg on some rice, a patty with mushroom sauce, some lettuce and potato crisps. Kind of like Saizeriya, but not as yummy.

My blog reader pal ordered the Fat Burger (single) – there’s single, double, triple, quad. The presentation doesn’t look appetizing but the verdict of “better than average” meant that looks are probably deceiving. The fat fries though were pretty amazing. Pardon me… I’ll be heading back just for the fries. 😀

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

The fiancé had the Ranch Chicken Sandwich, which came with substantially fewer fries. Presentation is, once again, rather off-putting, like the burger was vomiting and its innards were spilling out. The taste was, however, not too bad.

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

My favorite (fast food) fries in Singapore and Japan are those from MOS Burger. But now, my favorite in JB has to be these (unsalted) fat fries from Fat Burger. Really sinful though. Please go for a run after eating in JB. I sure did.

Perhaps in future I’ll be going on more trips with readers and to further places. *fingers crossed* 🙂


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