SIA Training Centre’s Open House 2015 – An Unforgettable Experience :)

You might have read a news report that some 5,000 people attended SIA Training Centre’s Open House last Saturday. I was one of the 5,000 and I have to say that it was one Saturday afternoon well-spent! Mind you, it was not a media invite. I signed up online and paid S$5 for a “Cabin Crew Training Tour”. It was probably the best S$5 I’ve spent this year. 😀 And I’ll show you why…

On Saturday afternoon, I hopped onto a free shuttle bus from Tanah Merah MRT station and got to the SIA Training Centre which is usually not open to the public. It’s located at 720 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486852.

Went to register for my tour, which I’ve pre-booked and paid for online… and I was given one of these souvenir-worthy boarding passes:

SIA Training Centre Open House

I can’t bear to throw it away yet (>_<)

And before the actual tour started, REAL cabin crew popped out of a mock-up plane and handed us drinks and snacks (just like on an actual SQ flight)!!!

Get a picture with these stewardesses-in-training:

SIA Training Centre Open House

Orange juice or water? Granola bar or chips?

SIA Training Centre Open House

It was such a pleasant surprise! I skipped the chips and took one of those Nature Valley granola bars. 😀 It’s now fuel for me as I hammer out this blogpost. Ha!

And not forgetting that goodie bag (I collected the ice cream from a SATS food truck) –

SIA Training Centre Open House

The chocolate ice cream tastes really good, by the way!

And now that we’ve gotten the snacks out of the way, was the actual tour as good?

I signed up for the Cabin Crew Training Tour (all of 30 minutes). I’d wanted to go for the Flight Simulator Tour but tickets were all sold out FAST.

However, I got to see the mock-ups of planes in the Training Centre, find out what the new Business Class and First Class seats are like, and got an introduction into the grooming standards expected of the cabin crew (courtesy of a Lancome instructor).

When your plane seat can become a ‘bed’ – a luxury the well-heeled enjoy:

SIA Training Centre Open House

Of course, you also pay a 5-figure sum for this privilege (on a flight to London) (@_@)

Spacious and filled with mirrors, the training room where our SQ girls learn about makeup, skincare and the hairstyles permitted by the company:

SIA Training Centre Open House

There are strict standards to adhere to – for instance, the bun should only be 6.5cm to 7cm in diameter, pins must be neatly hidden and the bun must not come loose when you shake it. Cabin crew should also have good skin – if you have a breakout, you’ll be given a few days of rest.

And I don’t know how these ladies can keep looking good in the very unforgiving kebayas.

If you don’t already know, the 4 colors represent the different ranks: Blue for Flight Stewardess, Green for Leading Stewardess, Raspberry Red for Chief Stewardess and Aubergine for Inflight Supervisor. The same applies for the tie color of the male cabin crew.

Cabin crew undergo 15 weeks of intensive training to prepare them for their first flight. I’m definitely curious about the training sessions because I’m always amazed at how SQ cabin crew can maintain their composure when customers are being extremely difficult. Even at this Open House, there was a “gentleman” who kept asking weird questions, such as “How come your flight stewards can wear eyeliner?! Is this allowed?!”, to which the Lancome instructor said that it was not permitted, that it was most unusual, and thanked him for the feedback.

And guess what’s the minimum height requirement if you want to join as cabin crew? Just 158cm!!!

I could have, but…

I’m not the best at hiding my emotions. Like the time I witnessed a passenger asking the crew for more bread, then asking for tea – and when it was served, requested for coffee instead. And when the coffee came, decided she’ll just have tea anyway. I had half a mind to head over and ask her what her problem was. So nope, my dream of being an SQ Girl will stay just that… a dream.

There were food and games booths that day:

SIA Training Centre Open House

And performances plus exhibits too! 🙂

Thank you, SIA, for that wonderful experience. I believe it was an event enjoyed by both the adults and the children. 🙂

SIA Training Centre Open House

If SIA Training Centre organizes another Open House next year, I’ll be sure to sign up once again! 🙂