National Day 2015 Dinner With Seafood From Crab Towkay

Crab Towkay

[Pictures in this post are courtesy of Max Clyne, unless otherwise indicated]

I usually look forward to watching the National Day Parade on TV but this year’s was eclipsed by something special. I had a sumptuous seafood feast for dinner with my pals! 😀 We had fresh seafood sponsored by Crab Towkay and the meal was put together by my talented buddy, Steven Lek.

It was truly a celebration of what’s awesome about being in Singapore. We had seafood from different parts of the world: crabs from the Philippines, oysters from USA, lobsters from Canada and mussels from Australia!

And what’s more, three of my pals in this picture are from Malaysia:

National Day 2015 dinner

And this kiddo is super amusing. He makes the funniest faces in photos. LOL.

Admittedly, it was a rather long wait for our seafood to be delivered – it’s the Jubilee weekend, what to do? We had a prawn stir-fry with some potatoes and salad while waiting. Plus bak kwa too – ‘cos there’s 50% discount at Bee Cheng Hiang!!! 🙂 I have to say that’s a pretty cool SG50 discount, ok.

And thankfully, the wait for the seafood was worth it…

There’s nothing quite like fresh oysters and lemon. YUM:

Crab Towkay

Shucked those oysters ourselves! *pat on the back* Fresh, meaty, and very yummy. (Blogging about this dinner is torturous)

And there were the mussels Steven cooked in a secret sauce… *wink*

Crab Towkay

The MasterChef behind our seafood meal is none other than Steven, my 67-year-young pal – the blogger behind and the Executive Director of NATAS:

Steven Lek

Crab Towkay

Interesting how we had prawns, crabs, and lobsters at the same meal, but every dish was yummy in its own way. Steven had a butter sauce prepared for these lobsters, the prawns were cooked in a special dark soy sauce while the crabs retained their natural sweetness after being steamed.

At the end of the meal, we had some fruit and this kopi luwak from Bali…

Kopi Luwak

I don’t drink coffee much so I can’t fully appreciate this premium coffee. Found it really ‘smooth’ though. The coffee drinkers agreed that it’s an acquired taste. Try it when in Bali, maybe?

Lotsa thanks to Crab Towkay for this awesome sponsorship, and to Steven and Mel for putting simple ingredients together and making it an awesome feast. 😀


Check out Crab Towkay for seafood deals. There’s one right now for 50 Oysters at S$168 with free delivery and free tabasco sauce. Those oysters are really good! *thumbs up*

Find Crab Towkay online via their website or facebook page 🙂


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