Things I’d Do If Born A Guy

During today’s makan session with my personal trainer, one of the topics that came up was the impending birth of his child, and how he thinks he’ll never be able to fully understand the pain women go through during childbirth and even the discomfort we face during our menstrual cycles.

He says he feels really fortunate that he’s born male. Hmm… I had to agree that there are definitely perks to being a guy, and that I wouldn’t mind being born male actually. πŸ˜›

Told theΒ fiancΓ© about this and he said he’s interested in finding out what I’d do as a guy, as he might be inspired to try some things too. I’m not sure if he will, but it’s always such a nice feeling to have your man interested in finding out your thoughts and opinions – at least that’s something I appreciate. πŸ˜€

So here are some things I’d do as a guy – I’m not saying I don’t like being female, or that I’d take steps to change that fact, but one can always wonder at the possibilities of being in someone else’s shoes, no?

#1: Go Backpacking Round The World… Solo

I’m not saying that I cannot do that as a female, just that it’d be less dangerous if I’m male, no? And way more convenient too, as guys can pee into bottles if need be.

I’d venture into the world with just a decent, not-too-flashy camera with video-recording capabilities, and maybe a laptop too. I’ll find work along the way to pay for my expenses. I’ll blog on the go and definitely get a book published when I’m back, or even before I get back. I can easily send a manuscript to the publisher while I’m overseas, and arrive back in time for the book launch. πŸ˜€

And if you’re wondering why I’d like to travel solo… well, it makes a person more independent, more willing to chat with strangers, gives one more freedom to roam about without having to care about someone else’s preferences, and offers a lot of ‘me time’ for reflection and introspection.

Someone once wrote in his book that we should all do two things in our lifetime, the first of which is to drop everything and take off on a whim, and the second… is something I’ve forgotten. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I have accomplished what I remember though… I took off on a trip to Japan on my own in May/June. The airfare was about 6 times more expensive than what I paid in July/August (which was planned in advance).

But it’s about being impulsive, seizing life by the horns, following your heart… and unfortunately, spending a lot of money. LOL!

Mind you, there is a distinct difference between travelling and tourism. Most of us are tourists – we do research before our trip, go armed with travel guidebooks, visit the tourist spots, eat at the recommended food places, take the obligatory tourist photos, and most importantly, have our return flight tickets booked.

Travellers don’t have a planned itinerary and they do not know when they’ll return. This might cause some people to freak out, but it really appeals to me because there’s so much FREEDOM! πŸ˜€

#2: Learn A Martial Art… And Be Really Good At It

It’ll definitely support #1 – always good to know some self-defence moves in case one gets mugged.

Also, I’d want to have 8-pack abs just like my trainer, ‘cos it gives one some serious bragging rights. Muahaha.

#3: Go To Bible College… And Be A Damn Good Pastor

*The reason I’m using the words “damn good” is just to prove a point: I’ve been really impressed by the oratorical skills of our local pastors.

And have you wondered why the senior pastors of mega churches (or just about any other church) in Singapore are male? Pastor Prince from New Creation Church, Pastor Lawrence Khong from FCBC, and Pastor Kong Hee from City Harvest. All male. The twelve apostles. Also male.

I’m in awe of how these pastors can capture the attention of their congregation every Sunday. Sundays are usually when many people in Singapore sleep till a little later, and if they have to head to church, especially on those cold, rainy days, can be prone to dozing off. Hurhur.

#4: Save A Lot Of Money… Donate Most Of It, And Adopt A Dog

If you don’t already know, being a woman is costly. We spend a lot more than men do on daily necessities. Just imagine how much money you’ll save if you don’t have to buy bras, sanitary pads, tampons, makeup, skincare, facial treatment packages, manicure/pedicure packages, beauty supplements, etc!

If I’m a guy, I’d save all that money, donate it to SPCA, and adopt a dog. Folks, don’t buy pets. Pet shops are gonna hate me for this but it has to be said: Adopt, don’t buy.

Why get a dog though? Besides it being man’s best friend, the dog’s gonna do me a favor by making me go out for walks every single day. People these days are getting lazier and fatter. And some people even “invest” in motorized bikes, skate scooters and the like… ‘cos walking is too mainstream?! I suppose they are unafraid of losing their mobility ‘cos they can just buy motorized wheelchairs in future?

And I think dogs have so much to teach us. For one, it teaches us how to respond to family members when they return home. Wives, instead of asking if your husband has forgotten to buy the chili sauce again, or give him a reproachful look for being back late, I think there’s something to be learnt from dogs – they are so happy to see their ‘family members’ returning home. We can all learn how to judge less and love more. πŸ™‚


That’s it. It’s late and I shall have to head to bed now. Hope you enjoyed this chit-chat. There are definitely more than 4 things I’d do if I’m a guy, but that’s another blogpost for another time. πŸ˜€