Interview with Feby from Febspantry

Febs Pantry

I’ve been very impressed with Feby’s creations since I got to know about the Febspantry instagram account after a fellow blogger posted a picture of a cupcake bouquet. Who knew that a simple cake could be ‘dressed up’ to look even prettier than an actual bouquet of flowers?! Here comes the problem: How does one cut up a cake that the baker spent 4 to 6 hours decorating? (@_@)

I’m hoping to order one from Feby soon, for my birthday (and his) ๐Ÿ˜€ Prices to follow below…

1) Your cake creations are absolutely gorgeous! Where do you get your inspiration for the cake designs e.g. the one with a seaside design or those popular floral ones?

For me, nature is the best inspiration. And of course, thanks to technology I can browse any information that I want to know about.

2) How long did you take to learn and perfect these designs, and how long do you take to hand-pipe those flowers for a whole cake now?

I think learning is long life process and there is always room for improvement. Every design is unique and beautiful in its own way. For flowers decoration, it takes about 4 – 6 hours (for single tier cake) – not including baking.

3) How did you get started with baking and do you have a full-time job now (or before this)?

Curiosity brought me into this passion. I’ve never learned professionally and this was not a hobby as well, just a curiosity at first and the more I explore, the more it became my passion.

Currently, I’m working for a non-profit organisation during the day.

4) What’s next for your business – Retail shop? Cookbook? Baking classes?

Professional Kitchen / Studio – I want to keep focusing on “made to order basis”.

5) What do you love most about baking?
I can express my wildest imagination and ideas into a cake and its decor, so I can deliver my edible artwork to my customers and inspire many.


The ordering process:
1) Contact Feby via Whatsapp 85226822 [to consult about the date and cake details] *Tell Feby you read this blogpost ๐Ÿ˜€
2) Receive confirmation ofย the order
3) Make full payment in advance via bank transfer

Self-collection or delivery [additional charges may apply]

Price range for these baked goodies:
Cookies $24 – $27/box – Seasonal
Cupcakes $60/dozen – $84/dozen
Cakes? $120 – $290* [depend on the size, flavour and design]
*price is for single tier 6″ and 8″ cake – upsize is available



Febspantry Cupcakes

I’ve tried 2 cupcakes from Febspantry. In case you are wondering, the talented baker’s name, Feby, is pronounced just like ‘Phoebe’. *wink* And the buttercream used for those beautiful floral designs is very light and amazed me because I’d thought it’d be sweet, but it isn’t. The muffin at the bottom is moist and quite delicious.

You don’t have to be afraid of the cream being too dense and cloying, or overly sweet, because it’s none of that. To me, the cream seems… HEALTHY. ๐Ÿ˜€ No, seriously. Go try it. And if you’re one of those Instagram addicts, well, Feby’s creations are always Instagram-worthy.