Jamaica Blue @ The Star Vista: More Than Just Coffee :)

Jamaica Blue The Star Vista

I love cafes which serve all-day breakfast. You probably do too, no? 😀 And even though Jamaica Blue is at The Star Vista, where I go to for church services, I’ve never thought I’d step into a “coffee place” as I don’t drink coffee. But as I found out today, upon the fiancé’s invite, Jamaica Blue serves more than just coffee.

I ordered the Frittata Breakfast (S$8.90, before the add-ons) you see above. I’d actually selected two add-ons (mushrooms and avocado), otherwise it’d be a less crowded plate. 😀 I’m not a big fan of the Frittata – didn’t quite like the texture as the egg inside is kinda rubbery. But I have to say that I love the mushrooms – quite a generous serving of the tasty shrooms for just S$3.

As for him… he had the Classic Breakfast (S$15.90)

Jamaica Blue The Star Vista

Hashbrowns were ok, poached eggs could have done with a bit of seasoning, ham was too salty and tomatoes were alright. But we were famished after our mooncake workshop in the morning. So it was a most satisfying lunch at Jamaica Blue. Hehe!

The customer service was decent as well – this is important because bad attitudes can destroy even the best impressions of good food in a cafe or restaurant. I suspect I’ll be back here again soon! 😀

1 Vista Exchange Green

#01-32 The Star Vista

Tel: 6694 4592