Card Atelier: Unique Handmade Cards You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Imagine it’s your birthday today: Would you be more happy at receiving a “Happy Birthday” message on facebook OR opening your letterbox and retrieving a handmade birthday card with a handwritten message from your friend? 😀 I know I’d prefer the latter. Also, unique handmade cards blow me away and are way more special than store-bought greeting cards! 😀

In Singapore, it’s just too easy to simply whatsapp a friend some birthday wishes but we also know how snail mail has actually become more “valuable” now:

Love Mail

One lady is on a mission to revive the card-giving tradition. Buvi and I are of the same age but I feel I have so much to learn from her. We are both people who have a lot of creative ideas, but she actually translates those ideas into her business of making beautiful handmade greeting cards. We’d usually buy a card to accompany a gift, but the cards that Buvi makes are special gifts themselves!

She started out making cards for her friends, and not for any money. But they, in turn, encouraged her to start a business. When Buvi released her card designs for Valentine’s Day last year, she was surprised at the orders that came in every single day!

A Psychology major, she has also worked as an educational therapist and plans to be an art therapist in future as it’d combine her twin passions of Psychology and Art. As for her card-making business, Card Atelier, she has plans to make it a social enterprise and provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities. *salute*

Here, I have 3 different cards lovingly handmade by Buvi. Read on to find out which is my favorite and follow me on facebook as I’m giving away 2 of them! 😀

This first one is a Tridiac card – looks like a normal flip card, but is it one?

Card Atelier handmade greeting card

Open the card and…

Tah-dah! It becomes a 3D work of art that would look beautiful on any desk:

Card Atelier handmade greeting card

You can literally pick any card design on Card Atelier’s website and customize it with your preferred color scheme, message, cartoons, etc.

This next one is a Boxed Card that is popular among people who give out angpows at weddings, celebrations, etc. It comes with a matching binder which you can slide off, and insert a message and your angpow:

Card Atelier handmade greeting card

Once again, this card can be customized to fit any occasion:

Hedgehog card

Wedding Card

And if you are like me, and have a tendency to write lengthy messages (maybe even a poem?) in your cards, then this next card is perfect. It has many message panels and has a certain ‘WOW’ factor to it.

Inspired by the roses on wedding cakes, Buvi added the butterflies to this Blooming Card. It looks like a gift box, and takes a total of 2 hours to make (just this 1 card)!!!

Card Atelier handmade greeting card

Lift the lid, and the side panels fall open just like a blooming flower:

Card Atelier handmade greeting card

It’d be perfect for wedding proposals disguised as birthday gifts, I think:

Card Atelier handmade greeting card

Some will want to give this Blooming Card as a super pretty Teachers’ Day gift:

Teachers' Day card

And Buvi herself has made this SG50 card with orchids on the lid and messages from people who stay in each of the different GRCs!

SG50 handmade card

Aren’t they absolutely stunning? 😀

Some customers put watches in the boxes, jewellery, and other trinkets. I’d encourage you to purchase one of these Blooming Cards (my favorite) and customize it to your heart’s content, and make it one gift that the recipient will never forget! 😀

As a passionate card designer, Buvi also does custom-made designs for clients who want jumbo cards for instance. So feel free to drop her a note with your ideas.

Here’s a video clip showcasing the Bestsellers from Card Atelier:


To Order Online:

To Check Out More Designs:

Update: For customisation, orders are closed till May 2018. Prices start from $32. So feel free to inquire.


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  1. Wow, these are amazing! The first and last ones especially! These would make pretty stunning wedding invitations, I just realized. Would have loved to have done it for mine, tbh.

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