GE2015: My First Workers’ Party Rally

Workers Party rally 2015

Workers’ Party rally at Hougang, 2015 [Picture credit: The Straits Times on FB]

This picture was shared on facebook and must have led to many jaws dropping across the island. Just how many people were at the Workers’ Party rally?! I did pop by after dinner, since this rally in Hougang is near my place, and a pal had told me to help him purchase a WP umbrella. LOL. And yes it is true. The turnout at the WP rally is incredible. I spotted people at the stairwells (every single level!) of the HDB blocks with a view of the stage!

The fiancé says we must have attended a similar rally in the past, but I don’t remember attending a WP rally. Perhaps it was not quite memorable, or it was a PAP rally. Oops.

(And if you’re curious, a WP umbrella costs S$12 and a WP flag S$2.)

It’s going to be a real test of the ruling party’s popularity this time, with every seat being contested. And while I wouldn’t mind attending a PAP rally, my friends tell me there’s no need to ‘cos it’ll all be covered in tomorrow’s newspapers. #truethat

I’ve also been told that drivers need to be very careful when attending WP rallies – make sure your vehicle isn’t parked illegally as parking attendants will be out in full force. (I really have no clue if this is true. So please don’t quote me on this point) Likewise, I’m told that it’s unlikely you’ll get a parking ticket for illegal parking if you’re attending a PAP rally. (This might be exaggerating things a little. But let me check with my pal who attended a PAP rally tonight.)

There are a lot of these rumors surrounding the General Elections. And some funny stories too. Apparently, someone from the PAP was canvassing for votes at a coffeeshop and the person went to shake the hand of a taxi driver who was dining there. He asked for the driver’s support in the coming polls. The taxi driver’s response was “Of course! I support you every day… except for one day.” The MP-wannabe was dumbfounded. 😀

I do think it’s necessary to attend the rallies of the opposition parties, though, as they don’t seem to get the same amount of airtime that the PAP gets. When Lawrence Wong went on the offensive against Dr Chee Soon Juan yesterday evening, the latter didn’t have a ‘comrade’ from the same party beside him, though the minister did. Opposition members were also given less time to voice their opinions.

At tonight’s WP rally, the Workers’ Party had the opportunity to clear the air and put forth their side of the story with regard to the AHPETC issue that the ruling party and the MND keep harping on. Sylvia Lim explained that (1) Open tenders had been called, (2) Managing agents’ profitability was not examined, and cannot be expected to be examined, (3) Cheques were countersigned by herself, Png Eng Huat or Pritam Singh, (4) There’s a surplus and not a deficit after factoring in MND grants. I hope that’s the last we’ll hear about mismanagement of town councils from now on. 😛

Did you attend a rally tonight? 🙂 If you didn’t, check out one of the upcoming rallies. It’s quite an experience. Rallies of this scale happen less often than NDP, so go ahead and demonstrate that Singaporean trait of being kaypoh and hear what the politicians have to say about our nation’s future! 🙂


5 thoughts on “GE2015: My First Workers’ Party Rally

  1. WP’s rallies have always been well attended especially in the last few elections.

    In 2011 when most Sporeans were the least happy with PAP with the missteps it made (immigration, housing and transportation issues) and where WP’s rallies were similarly well attended, 60% still voted for PAP (I am aware that PAP had a drop of some 5%). Although of course PAP lost one GRC at that time due no less to the ground swell of unhappiness and Low Thia Khiang’s good strategy of moving out of Hougang to Aljunied. He is a good political strategist knowing that even when he left Hougang, it would still remain in WP’s hands since the constituency would remain loyal to him after his having served there for 20 years.

    WP is first class, way above the other opposition parties, in stirring up voters’ emotions. They just keep “hantaming” all the issues that Sporeans are not happy with.

    With regards to AHPETC, Sylvia Lim is not telling the absolute truth. I agree PAP drummed up the issue but WP is not entirely honest in it too. WP, especially S Lim as the town council’s chairman conveniently forgot to tell the rally attendees that the Auditor General’s Office had stringent comments on AHPETC’s accounts saying that many documents were missing such that is not possible to ascertain that there was no fraud and in normal circumstances if a company had done the accounts as AHPETC did, the company would have been hauled up for possible charges. But since the town council constitution was written such that a lot of autonomy was given to town councils’ running, the courts do not have enough legal basis to haul AHPETC up for fraud charges. I believe that the AGO had enough autonomy and integrity from PAP’s influence to corroborate with the latter to pin WP down on this.

    S Lim also conveniently did not remind the people that the town council’s own auditors could not give it a clean and healthy certification of good governance in a roll of three consecutive years.

    Even if AHPETC could not find any other estate managers to work with it, surely it must still negotiate a lower-priced contract with FMSS. The amount of profits and salaries which the FMSS’s owners paid themselves were astronomical. I have had direct contact with estate managers to know what the range of salaries is like for this profession. And now FMSS is suing AHPETC for $3.5m owed to it. And S Lim said this is old news. Really??? I believe other than she and a few other WP’s leaders and FMSS, no one else knew that FMSS was suing AHPETC until barely three days ago!

    So WP plays the victim in this saga when in fact they were the ones who tripped themselves up and S Lim is one low grade town council chairman. Are you aware she quit her teaching job to become a full time MP (don’t know for how long). So did Lee Li Lian and Png Eng Huat. What were they all doing. Sleeping?

    So I cannot trust WP. Don’t mistake me as a core PAP supporter as I did not vote for them in 2011 and a few other times. I pay attention to what a political party (whether PAP or any others) stands for and observe their performance. To support a party blindly is simply irresponsible.

    Let me say that if ever WP were to become the government, it would govern quite similarly as PAP. All political parties want the power and to hold to it. WP has already revealed that it can be arrogant which does not bode well. It refused to negotiate with other opposition parties about putting up a straight fight. It refused to attend one of the meetings but just said we would contest in this and that GRC and SMC and do not care what the other parties would or would not do. Period. And the other smaller parties bow to its wishes except for one party which is now vilified by WP supporters.

    • Wow. This is the first time I see you leaving such a long comment. XD Was Sylvia Lim ever a teacher? I don’t know her background. Only know she is currently a Senior Associate in a law firm (Peter L. LLC).

      I don’t trust politicians, and I definitely do not trust lawyers. So there’s my take on things. 😀

      I don’t want the opposition to run the government. But I want the ruling party to be less arrogant. And if I have to vote for the opposition in order for that to happen, then…

  2. my apologies, it was the high court that said that AHPETC could have been brought to court except because of the town council constitution. The AGO also gave its own negative opinions. Both I believe did not take side with PAP but acted independently. Comments from both are on record but both LTK and S Lim chose not to mention thisin WP’s rally for their own convenience.

  3. The election rallies are kind of according to expected lines – one saying certain things and others opposing whatever was said. Even this election seems to be between un-equals. I was handed over a piece of propaganda material by a party. The Tamil version contained lots of mistakes, mal-alignment of sentences and words jumping over another. The natural question was : If the manifesto itself can’t be properly drafted ….

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