Introducing Ronald Lye, Persuasive Copywriter

Ronald Lye


Hi there! My name is Ronald, and I’m a persuasive copywriter.

First off, you may be thinking “What in the blue hell is a persuasive copywriter?” In short, I write stuff. It helps my clients sell their stuff. Lots of it 🙂

However, most other copywriters out there are what I call “content fillers”. E.g. A marketing collateral (website, brochure, landing page etc) has a particular space for words or content. They fill it. Usually with generic, superficial and “nice-sounding” words that don’t really mean anything.

Hence, content fillers. The worst thing about having content fillers do your copywriting is that you won’t get any LEADS or SALES from what they do. In other words, you’ll be wasting your money. Afterall, the purpose of marketing is to get you sales, right?

So here’s why I’m different… no wait. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet. I’ll let some of my happy clients do that for me:

“$500,000 in 4 Months, Plus Increase In Sales by 7X!”

“Previously, my old sales copy was getting me around 3 leads per month. I uploaded Ronald’s copy in early June, and within less than a month, it brought in 60 leads! That’s a 20 times increase in conversions! Not 20%… 20 times!

In terms of dollars, he helped bring in around $500,000 worth of leads through the door… in just 4 months, and increased my sales by 7X! The best thing is I can continue running his copy and see the same awesome results month after month!”

-Imran Md Ali, Founder, The Profits Academy

Co-Author of “Kaizen Business Principles” with International Business Coach Brian Tracy

United Nations Speaker

“Sales Commissions Of $340,000!”

“In just 6 months of working together, Ronald’s persuasive copywriting turned my website into a money dispensing machine and helped me get sales commissions of $340,000! His copy writing ability is a lead generation magnet that compels qualified high-net worth prospects to meet with me without resistance. Not only did he get me lots of sales, he helped me cut short my sales cycle radically, and established me as an authority figure in the real estate niche.

He’s worth every penny I paid for as I got massive ROI, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get high quality leads and explosive sales!”

–          Joel Goh, Real Estate Strategist

“Hypnotized My Prospects To Meet With Me!”

“Ronald’s persuasive copy literally hypnotized my prospects to meet with me! Before engaging him for his persuasive copy, it was difficult to stand out among all the numerous financial consultants out there. Ronaldhelped me come up with a strong USP that differentiated me from others, and identified a gap in the market that I can capitalize on. His marketing funnel was also expertly crafted and took full advantage of the power of online marketing.

The result? He helped me get 250 leads in just 1 month, and increased my sales by 80%! And that’s just the start! I’m looking forward to having a record-breaking year thanks to him! Anyone looking to gain a lot of leads fast, Ronald is your guy!”

–          Helmi Hakim, Financial Strategist

To sum it up, my copywriting converts your prospects to become red hot leads, ready and eager to buy from you. My style of writing is heavily based on a deep psychological understanding of buying behaviours. That’s why what I write resonates strongly on an emotional level with readers, compelling them to do what you want, and do so happily and willingly.

It’s powerful stuff. And you could be one of my next success stories…

Just click on the link below, and register for a FREE website persuasive analysis. Let me show you what I can do. I’ll breakdown and analyse your website, and tell you exactly why it’s not giving you the leads, sales and conversions you want.

If you decide to implement my suggestions, your website can easily transform into a lead/enquiry/sales generation machine almost instantly. If you’re ready for that, let’s do it now. Why wait and waste potentially thousands worth of opportunity costs? Go to the link above and register. Slots are limited, and I apologize if I exceed the number and turn you down.

So please… help me to help you. I’ll talk to you soon!


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