Near JB Customs & Worth Visiting: Arashi Shabu Shabu

Last month was really good for visiting JB, with the ringgit weakening till S$1: RM3. This month, it’s election fever and I may just want to stay in town and watch as things heat up! 😀 Hehe! But here’s my recommendation for foodies who are heading into JB…

Arashi Shabu Shabu is located in a new mall (Komtar JBCC) near to the JB Customs – just next to City Square. Pop by on a weekday and it’s almost deserted. I hate crowded places (so rallies are not really my thing) and if I’m in JB on a weekday, I’ll most likely dine at Komtar.

At Arashi, you can select between different meat and seafood combinations, and it’ll be delivered on a platter like this one:

Arashi Shabu Shabu

I’ll usually skip the peanuts or pickles served at other restaurants, as they tend to charge you for these extras you didn’t even order in the first place. So return them as soon as they reach your table. But at Arashi, the pickles are really good:

Arashi Shabu Shabu

I love the Aburage Pickles (RM5). It’s basically very yummy achar. 😀 If this is what you get on your visit, do not send it back to the kitchen. Ha!

The restaurant offers posh seating. So if you are into Instagram and OOTDs, then pop by. The food’s decent, and it’s very spacious in this restaurant.

Arashi Shabu Shabu

Arashi Shabu Shabu

I ordered the Mix Salmon & Pork Combo with the tomyam broth you see above (it’s very yummy). It’s really spicy though. His Seafood & Meat Combo with a H&S (forgot what it stands for) Milk Broth was also spicy. So unless you are dining alone, I’d recommend that one person orders a spicy broth and the other goes for a miso or non-spicy broth. Then you can enjoy the best of both ‘pots’ without having to down lots of iced water. LOL!

Arashi Shabu Shabu

The Kiwi Blended (RM7.90) I ordered came in different shades of green. We were at first rather hesitant to try this beverage as the colors looked too artificial. And it’s pretty sweet too. Best not to order more than 1 glass of this. Or try other drinks. 😀


We spent a total of RM92.80 on this meal. That’s about S$31 for 2 pax. Cool eh? 🙂

Arashi Shabu Shabu is located at Lot 215/216, 2nd floor, Komtar JBCC. (Tel: 07 – 300 5058)


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  1. this is another one of my favs, usually i have the herbal broth and i will add either an extra plate of pork belly or beef shabu, very shiok! They use to be even cheaper when they opened in KSL 🙂

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